Mi-Glow 778A - Fluorescent / Water Bath

Mi-Glow 778A - Fluorescent / Water Bath

Fluorescent Particles in Water Based Aerosol

Circle Systems Water Based Aerosol #778A

Circle Systems Water Based Aerosol #778A is temporarily out of stock*. The replacement product is Mi-Glow 778S-RTU "Ready-to-Use" in a pump bottle.  Click on the link for more information - Mi-Glow 778S-RTU.

* The out-of-stock situation is expected to last for a few months.

CircleSafe® 778A is an aerosol spray can of Mi-Glow® 800 fluorescent yellow-green particles and liquid Wetting Agent 771, formulated in water media. It is designed to be used with black light inspection to detect very fine discontinuities found in finished products and critical, highly stressed component parts. Its ultra-bright, ultra-sensitive particles allow for excellent detection. This aerosol is packaged in a carbon dioxide propellant for odor-free, fume-free, non-combustible inspection.

Physical Characteristics:
Forest green solution with a slight detergent odor, contained in an aerosol package.

Particle Certification:
Particles conform to or exceed all relevant specifications including but not limited to MIL-STD-1949, MIL-STD-271(SH), NAVSEA 2501-1500-1, ASTM E 709 and ASTM B & PV Code - Section V. AMS 3044 is covered under MIL-STD-1949.

Particle Color

Particle Size

AMS Standard

SAE Sensitivity*

Temperature Range

Fluorescent Yellow/Green 5 µm 3044 8 120°F Maximum

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