JR Technology EVOTIS Acoustic Automated Tap Tester

JR Technology EVOTIS Acoustic Automated Tap Tester


The EVOTIS is an automated tap tester that has been developed for use on thick structure components. Unlike the Woodpecker, it measures both the piezoelectric and acoustic response of the material under test, utilizing directional microphones to ‘listen’ after the input of energy. Both results are shown graphically where thresholds can be set to a baseline value, giving a go/no-go device. The software allows point measurements to be compared and has the potential to integrate with probe tracking and visualization software.


  • Detection in: thick structural components (30 mm+)
  • Detection of inserts & changes in the structure
  • Marine: inspection of bonded parts to include bulkheads, beams, hull/deck bond; currently being used to revalidate legacy lifeboats
  • Offshore: inspection of skins, ribs & spar bonds to include lightning strike parameters of damage
  • Civil: inspection for voids, ceramic tile bonds, material levels behind shuttering, concrete cancer, moisture damage




  • Monitoring of acoustic response (microphone) & feedback from piezoelectric crystal integrated in the actuator.
  • Two sensors (Piezo crystal and microphone) are used to capture responses from solenoid driven tapping device
  • Easy operation
  • ON line mode:
    • Quantitive & graphical display in real time
    • Logging of values (export to Excel)
  • OFF line mode:
    • Export to .csv file for analysis
  • Different frequency settings
  • Examination possible in noisy environments
  • Software allows point measurements to be compared
  • Potential to integrate with probe tracking and visualization software

How It Works

Using the EVOTIS

  1. Connect Auto Hammer with the main unit by connecting the hammer’s connector cable to the Auto Hammer hub.
  2. Switch on the power button to turn on the unit.
  3. Obtain a standard value by pressing the Standard Value button while placing the Auto Hammer’s head to the surface of the good portion of the testing subject in the right angle. The hammer automatically hits the surface of the testing subject four times. EVOTIS takes the average measure of two values, excluding the highest and lowest values, and uses this as the standard value. This standard value is shown on the unit’s display. Once a standard value is obtained, the Ready lamp will light up.
  4. Press the Start/Stop button to start measuring the testing subject. Press the Start/Stop button to stop operation. (Pressing the Start/Stop button with a longer stroke allows continuous measuring of the testing subject.)
  5. EVOTIS compares each measured value with the standard value. Differences are displayed by colored LED lights at the ratio below:
    Green 0% - 15%
    Yellow 16% - 39%
    Red 1 40% - 79%
    Red 2 80 - 119%
    Red 1 & 2 More than 120%
    Buzzer sound will accompany red color LED lights.
    Buzzer sound can be turned on and off by operator with Buzzer On/Off button on the console.
  6. Recorded measured values can be seen by pressing the “+” and/or “―” Memory button.
  7. Measured values saved in the EVOTIS can be transferred to a computer after testing is completed. In order to transfer measured values to a computer, the dedicated software included in the package is required.

Technical Specifications

EVOTIS Specifications

Main Unit
Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.05" x 6.7" x 3.9" (230 x 170 x 100 mm)
Power: Four NiMH AA rechargeable batteries (battery charger included) or four alkaline AA batteries.
Weight: 55 oz. (1550g excluding batteries)
Measuring: From 020 to 999 micro-second with data analyzing capacity of 0.2 micro-second. It displays and records measured value with rounded off decimal point. A measured value will be converted to an electronic synthetic sound at below.
Measuring Frequencies: 020 μs: 6.25 kHz (Highest)
050 μs: 2.50 kHz
100 μs: 1.25 kHz
200 μs: 625 Hz
500 μs: 250 Hz
999 μs: 125 Hz (Lowest)
Auto Hammer
Configuration: Square pole with the sides of 20mm and a height of 90mm (excluding protrusion)
Sound Collecting Method: Condenser microphone (waterproofed)
Tapping: Stainless steel hammer with a diameter of 10mm, powered by solenoid
Tapping Stroke Length: 0.16" (4mm)
Tapping Wavelength: 2Hz (fixed)
Cable: 6.6 ft. (2m)
Weight: 8.8 oz. (250g excluding cable)
AC Adaptor 
Output: DC 5V, 2A
USB Cable: Dedicated USB cable to connect EVOTIS to a computer


The EVOTIS Kit Includes

  • Main Unit
  • Auto Hammer (with connector cable)
  • AC Adapter
  • Dedicated USB Cable
  • Communications Software (CD)
  • 4 AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Manual 

Optional Probe Tracking & 3D Visualization Software

TWI have developed an automated tap-test system based on a modified Evotis unit & bespoke software for data acquisition, signal processing & visualization. The system allows inspection of large areas, including complex GFRP structures. The software automatically tracks the position of the probe & records the responses from the unit, digitally processes them & displays the results in the familiar “heat map” or cscan type format.

Fully automated inspection enable 3D visualization of the results, overlaid onto a CAD model of the structure. This allows easy interpretation and analysis of the results and mapping of defects, anomalies and indications for lifetime records and future reference. The System has been trialed on a number of structures with excellent results. 

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