The robust and modern design, intuitive interface and optimized functionalities make this compact handheld device your perfect companion for any measurement requirement. The FERITSCOPE FMP30 determines the ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels using the magnetic induction method. All magnetizable microstructural components are detected, i.e. in addition to delta ferrite, also e.g. deformation martensite or other ferritic phases.



  • Robust and powerful handheld instrument for measuring ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels
  • Measuring method: Magnetic inductive
  • Measured value memory: 250,000 measured values in 2,500 batches
  • Rugged aluminum housing with IP64 protection, Gorilla Glass and soft bumpers
  • Exchangeable Li-Ion battery for > 24 h operating time
  • Easy data transfer via USB-C and Bluetooth
  • Live feedback via light, sound and vibration for limit monitoring
  • Cal Check function to verify your currently used calibration
  • Digital and analog probes available, with the F-adapter you still have access to the entire Fischer probe portfolio
  • Available with the new Tactile Suite software


Tactical Suite

Experience now how easy managing measurement data can be. Transferring, evaluating and exporting your data has never been so convenient.

  • Most powerful software - Get Tactical Suite, your efficient software solution with a new design, innovative user guidance and versatile functions for your evaluation and reporting.
  • Instantly recognized and synchronized - With the automatic and reliable device recognition, your probes and devices are recognized directly and your measurement data is transferred and stored easily and immediately.
  • Direct export to Excel - Transfer your measurement data in real time – or after measuring directly to Excel or other file formats – easily and conveniently via USB-C or Bluetooth.
  • Create data reports easily - Easily create customized reports and measurement logs. You can use our templates for this or adapt them according to your needs.



  • Determination of delta ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels
  • Determination of the proportion of deformation martensite in austenitic materials
  • Detection of welds in polished surfaces
  • Detection of ferrite content distribution along a weld seam

The benefits of the rugged handheld device are particularly evident in chemical plants, power plants and process plants, where austenitic steels and duplex steels need to withstand heat, aggressive media and high pressure. With its modern design and intuitive Tactile Suite software, the instrument provides impressive functionality. Various probes from Fischer give you full flexibility, so you can easily measure ferrite content even if the location is difficult to access. Just put the probe on the surface - the FERITSCOPE DMP30 does the rest.

Digital Probes & F-Adapter

Produced in-house and with proven Fischer quality and ready for any measurement challenge. Use the F-adapter to continue using analog probes.

  • Best measurement results - Rely on outstanding accuracy and maximum repeatability with probes from Fischer, even for demanding measurement tasks.

  • Smart connectivity - Benefit from improved connectivity with future-proof USB-C interfaces and possible data transfer via Bluetooth.

  • Flexible F-adapter - So take advantage of the F-Adapter, an accessory that allows you to use the full performance of analog Fischer probes with your new FERITSCOPE® DMP30 device.

  • Highest quality - Continue to experience the highest quality and maximum service life with our wear-resistant, serviceable and extremely robust probes (IP65)

Kit Includes

  • DMP30 Ferrite Content Meter
  • D-F-Fe Straight Probe with 59" (1.5m) Cable and Digital USB Connector
  • Set of 5 Ferrite Content Standards, 0.3 FN-140 FN (0.3-105 Fe%)
  • Interface Cable
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Carrying Strap with Panic Lock
  • Quick Guide in English
  • User Manual and Calibration Certificate on USB
  • Hard Case for Holding Kit Contents

Optional Accessories

  • DMP Holder
  • Measuring Stands
    • V12 Base (Manual)
    • V12 MOT (Motorized)
  • DMP F-Probe Adapter
  • DMP RRC1130 Li-ion Battery
  • Charger for RRC1130 Li-ion Battery

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Fischer FERITSCOPE DMP30 Ferrite Content Meter, including: D-F-FE Probe with Cable, Set of 5 Ferrite Standards, Interface Cable, Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth Dongle, Strap, Quick Guide, User Manual and Cert on USB, Kit Case FM-FT-1007334 $6,160.00
Fischer Technology D-F-Fe Straight Probe with 59" (1.5m) Cable and Digital USB Connector FM-FT-1007044 $1,131.00
Fischer DMP-F Probe Adapter for FERITSCOPE DMP30 FM-FT-1007336 $415.00
Fischer DMP-Li-ion Battery RRC1130 for FERITSCOPE DMP30 FM-FT-1008303 $92.00
Fischer Charger for Li-ion Battery RRC1130 FM-FT-1008304 $102.50
Fischer FERITSCOPE DMP30 Holder FM-FT-1008201 $75.00
Fischer Technology Set of 5 Ferrite Content Standards, 0.3FN-140FN (0.3-105 Fe%) FM-FT-605-564 $1,355.00 $1,084.00