Detroit Brinell SBS Microscope

Detroit Brinell SBS Microscope

Fast, Accurate & Reliable

The SBS Series of microscopes are designed for fast and accurate Brinell readings. These reliable instruments feature a micrometer measuring eyepiece that provides crystal clear viewing under natural light or optional integrated LED lighting. All of the SBS Series Microscopes ship with a carrying case for mobility and convenient storage.

Special Features:

  • Graduated micrometer eyepiece
  • Stable large-rim base (removable on SBS-20L2, SBS-40L2)
  • Built-in LED Lighting (Model SBS-20L2, SBS-40L2)
  • Conforms to tolerances per ASTM & ISO 17025 standards
  • Certified and ready to use
        SBS-20                                           SBS-20L2 

Technical Specifications

SBS Brinell Microscopes Specifications

Item SBS-20 SBS-40 SBS-20L2 SBS-40L2
Magnification: 20x 40x 20x 40x
Measuring Range: 0.24" (6mm) 0.12" (3mm) 0.24" (6mm) 0.12" (3mm)
Micrometer Graduations: 0.0004" (0.01mm) 0.0002" (0.005mm) 0.0004" (0.01mm) 0.0002" (0.005mm)
Accuracy: Conforms to tolerances per ASTM E-10, ISO 6506-2
Power Source: N/A N/A Replaceable CR2 Lithium Battery
Dimensions: 6" (152.4mm) 7.5" (190.5mm) 6" (152.4mm) 7.5" (190.5mm)
Weight: ~ 1 lb. (0.45kg) ~ 2 lbs. (0.91 kg) ~ 2 lbs. (0.91 kg) ~ 3 lbs. (1.36 kg)

Standard Kit Includes

  • SBS Brinell Microscope
  • Carrying Case
  • Manual

Optional Accessories

  • Stage Micrometer
  • Certified Stage Micrometer

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
DTM Brinell Microscope SBS-20 HT-DB-SBS-20 $545.00
DTM Brinell Microscope SBS-40 HT-DB-SBS-40 $625.00
DTM Brinell Microscope SBS-20-L2 HT-DB-SBS-20-L2 $900.00
DTM Brinell Microscope SBS-40-L2 HT-DB-SBS-40-L2 $975.00
Stage Micrometer HT-DB-SBS-SM $250.00
Certified Stage Micrometer HT-DB-SBS-SMC $675.00