Integrity Products Integrity Pillowz

Integrity Products Integrity Pillowz


Integrity Pillowz provide extra protection in applications involving high temperatures by acting as a barrier between an internal pipe and Integrity Plugz inspection ports (replacing cut out insulation). Integrity Pillowz are made from high temperature resistance Vermiculite Fabric and used in conjunction with Integrity Plugz inspection ports. 


  • Provides thermal value to reduce heat loss and / or heat barrier between the pipe and Integrity Plugz.
  • Comes in all sizes to be used in conjuction with our Integrity Plugz.
  • Replaces the cutout insulation
  • Temperature resistant up to 1100°F (593.3°C)
  • Includes lanyard that integrates with the Integrity Plugz to avoid loss
  • Comes with pull handle to make removal simple.

Product Sizes

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Integrity Pillowz Specifications
Materials: Outer Layer: High Temperature Vermiculite Fabric
Inner Layer: Fiberglass Fabric
Insulation Layer: E-Glass Mat Insulation
Weave: Vermiculite Fabric (O.L.) - 8-H Satin
Treated Fiberglass (IS.L) - Plain
Thickness: Vermiculite Fabric (O.L) - 0.070"
E-Glass Insulation (IS.L) - 1"
Maximum Continuous Temperature: Outer Layer
Vermiculite Fabric: 1100°F (593.3°C)
Inner Layer
Treated Fiberglass: 1100°F (593.3°C)
Insulation Layer
E-Glass Insulation: 1000°F (537.7°C)
Color: Various
Other Specifications: Vermiculite Fabric (O.L.)
E-Glass (IS.L.)
Meets NFPA 701-1999 Fire Tests for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Films Method 1. Conforms to MIL-DTL24244D(SH), USCG Subpart 164.009, ASTM E84, NRC 1.36

Note: There is a $25.00 small order fee for orders valued less than $50.00.

Pricing listed is for Domestic U.S. orders only. Shipping is additional. For exports, contact us for a quote.

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Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
2.5" Round Integrity Pillowz (1017) CUI-IP-IP2.5 $9.40
3.75" Round Integrity Pillowz (1012) CUI-IP-IP3.75 $10.95
5" Round Integrity Pillowz (1013) CUI-IP-IP5 $14.05
8" x 2.5" Oval Integrity Pillowz (1021) CUI-IP-IP8X2.5 $16.00
9.5" x 3.5" Oval Integrity Pillowz (1014) CUI-IP-IP9.5X3.5 $17.20
13.75" x 3.5" Oval Integrity Pillowz (1015) CUI-IP-IP13.75X3.5 $18.75
14" x 4.5" Oval Integrity Pillowz (1018) CUI-IP-IP14X4.5 $20.30