TesTex TX-4400 ECT Inspection System

TesTex TX-4400 ECT Inspection System

TesTex TX-4400 ECT Inspection System


The TesTex TX-4400 ECT Inspection System is based on the Eddy Current Technique, to quickly and accurately inspect non-ferrous metal tubing from the I.D. By using 4 frequencies in a simultaneous injection mode, defects such as ID / OD pitting, baffle cutting, erosion, steam impingement and general wall thinning can be detected and sized. The system also has differential and absolute responses for each frequency, a built-in reference signal to generate an absolute signal without the use of a reference probe and real-time mixing for suppression of support / baffle plates. The system can be used in conjuction with our TS-Map and AR-Wizard software, so a final report can be delivered on-site.

The TX-4400 system uses both DSP and FPGA technologies to enhance performance capabilities while maintaing low cost and size. Utilizing easily configured and readily available USB technology, the TX-4400 interfaces to any windows based PC / notebook. All data is archived for analysis and processing, as well as for future inspections and trending. The electronic boards are designed for independent operation to permit easier troubleshooting, repair and expansion. Each of the main circuit boards is designed to act as a nearly complete single frequency system. More frequencies can be added to a system by inserting additional circuit boards to the backplane board.

Depending on the configuration, the TX-4400 offers either high-speed inspection, which provides maximum speeds of five feet per second (1.52m/sec.) or ultra-high speed insertion, which has a maximum speed of 20 ft. per second. Probes may be driven manually or with one of the 2 optioanl probe drivers: the PD 6k or the PDP 22. Both connect directly to the TX-4400 and use the same software and are durable and reliable.

Advantages and Features:

  • 4 frequency simultaneous injection
  • Up to 5 ft. per second tube inspection rate
  • PC based software for acquisition and analysis
  • Dynamic / user selected gain
  • Real-time mixing
  • USB interface
  • 1kHz to 1.2MHz
  • Fully digital
  • User selectable driver output level, 0-9v p-p
  • Compatible with bobbin, surface and magnetic saturation (permanent or dc) probes
  • Wide variety of specialized data filters


  • Automated analysis software (TX-SOLUTION) - click on the link for more information - TX Solution
  • Automated report writing software (AR-WIZARD) - click on the link for more information - AR-Wizard
  • Probe pusher puller (PDP 22)
  • Probe pusher (PD 6k)
  • Tube sheet mapping (TX-MAP) - click on link for more information - TX-MAP

Technical Specifications:

Electronic Base: Digital-DSP / FPGA based
Frequencies: 4 simultaneously
Power Consumption: Maximum 15VA
Line Voltage: 110 / 220 VAC (self adjusting), 50 / 60 Hz or 12 VDC
Dimensions: 11" x 13.25" x 6" (279 x 337 x 152 mm)
Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg.)



Software Features:

TesTex has developed a complete and user friendly software package to enhance any eddy current inspection. From acquisition to the final report, this software has it all. If increased productivity and less man hours is what you are looking for, then the addition of modules such as TX-SOLUTION, TX-MAP and AR-WIZARD is your answer.


  • Windows compatible
  • USB Interface to TX-4400
  • File storage constructed for data organization
  • Real time mixing
  • Automatic tube number increment after file storage
  • Tube status report functions during acquisition
  • Alternate color scheme for direct sunlight operation
  • Production oriented and designed to minimize mouse clicks


  • Signal processing
  • High pass filters
  • Centering features for absolute
  • Phase angle, voltage span displays
  • Percent wall loss calculated
  • Tube stepping
  • Built-in screen capture capabilities for report writing
  • Option for direct wall loss read / auto analysis
  • Data logging to tube sheet map (TX-MAP)
  • User definable screen configuration
  • Completely selectable screen layout and color
  • Production oriented and designed to minimize mouse clicks
window with differential channels
differential and mix channels

Auto Analysis (TX-SOLUTION):

  • Uses specialized algorithms to extract only signals of interest
  • Full length tubes can be analyzed in as little as a second or two
  • Processed data organized by wall thinning severity
  • False positives eliminated using multi-frequnecy comparisons
  • Direct wall loss readings created during processing
  • Data logging to tube sheet map
  • Reduces the chance of missing significant indications
  • Performs with minimal intervention
  • Provides consistent, accurate and repeatable results
  • Reduces analysis labor requirements by up to a factor of 4
  • Production oriented and designed to minimize mouse clicks

the solution and differential channels

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