Magnaflux Spot Check Penetrants

Magnaflux Spot Check Penetrants

Visible Red Dye Liquid Penetrant Materials


SPOTCHECK® Red Dye Liquid Penetrant materials, are perfect for "spot checking" to locate surface flaws

  • Available in aerosol or liquid form
  • Vivid red color permits daylight inspection
  • A complete line of cleaner removers and developers, as well as Water Wash or Post Emulsifiable penetrants is available.
  • Meets major military and industry specifications.



Flash Point


Post Emulsifiable/SolventRemoveable


> 200o F. 93o C.

Most widely used, general purpose solvent removeable penetrant

Water Washable


> 200o F. 93o C.

General purpose water washable penetrant

Water Based


Non- Flammable.

Bright red in daylight, fluorescent orange in UV light, Liquid oxygen compatible. For non-certified applications. Used as a leak detector and for inspection of plastics


Material Back Order Notice

Back Ordered:
SKL-SP2 - Case of 12 / 16 oz. Aerosols (PN: PT-MX-01-5155-78)

Temporary Supplement:
SKL-SP2 - Case of 10 / 16 Aerosols (PN: PT-MX-SKLSP2-UK)

Note - Supplemental packaging can only be shipped via Ground.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
SKL-SP2 - 12 / 16 oz. Case PT-MX-01-5155-78 Request Pricing
SKL-SP2 Developer (PT-MX-01-5155-78) - Case of 10 / 16 oz. Aerosols (Ground Shipping Only) PT-MX-SKLSP2-UK $240.00
SKL-SP2 - 4/1 Gallon Case PT-MX-01-5155-35 $727.00
SKL-SP2 - 5 Gallon PT-MX-01-5155-40 $616.00
SKL-SP2 - 55 Gallon PT-MX-01-5155-45 $5,147.00
SKL-WP2 - Case 12 / 16 oz. Aerosols PT-MX-01-5190-78 $288.00
SKL-WP2 - 4/1 Gallon Case PT-MX-01-5190-35 $537.00
SKL-WP2 - 5 Gallon PT-MX-01-5190-40 $477.00
SKL-WP2 - 55 Gallon PT-MX-01-5190-45 $4,000.00
SKL-4C - 5 Gallon PT-MX-01-5125-40 $820.00
SKL-4C - 55 Gallon PT-MX-01-5125-45 $6,731.00