ECUTEC Mock-Up Exchangers

ECUTEC Mock-Up Exchangers

Fully Customizable Tube Mockups


Mock-up exchangers, also called tube mockups, tube bundle, exchanger test bundle, eddy current test bundles or tube testing bundles are used for training and testing purposes. They can be designed to incorporate any testing method like eddy current (ECT), RFT, IRIS, ECA, MFL, NFA, NFT, PSEC, ASME, etc. Available in lengths as small as 12” (400mm) to as long as 10 feet (3m). Test bundles have ranged from as few as 4 tubes to as many as 100 tubes with a customizable amount of support plates. 

ECUTEC mock-up exchangers are also easily maintained. They are designed for ease of tube removal for when a tube needs to be pulled for replacement, demonstration or maintenance purposes. They can be designed to be covered if OD defects need to be hidden from the people being tested. Additionally, ECUTEC makes covers that are removeable in case the tubes needs to be replaced or maintained. Frames can be provided alone or frames with any type of tubes, with and/or without machined defects. Customized carry cases can be supplied for transporting your Mock-Up, with optional wheels to facilitate transportation.



  • Designed to your needs
    • Robust carry cases
    • Adjustable mid-tube supports
    • Ease of tube change
  • Common Tube Materials
    • Stainless (304, 316, 317, 321, 327, 410, 430, Duplex, AL6XN, Ebrite, Seacure, etc)
    • Titanium, copper, Monel, zirconium, copper nickel (70/30, 90/10), steel, brass, Admiralty brass, aluminum, alloy 20, chrome moly, Hastelloy, Inconel, nickel, tantalum, aluminum brass, etc.

Required Details for Quotation

  • Tube Material(s)
  • Tube Size(s) (Outer Diameter x Wall Thickness)
  • Overall length of tubes/mockup
  • How many tubes of each material do you need & total number of tubes in the mockup.
    • Do you want a specific tube sheet layout? (3x3, 4x3, etc.)
      • Non-square layouts can be requested.
  • How many defects per tube/mockup bundle do you need?
  • Do you want to use our defect layouts, or would you like to specify your own defects?
    • If you do not want to use our defect layouts, we will need specifics of the kinds of defects - If you have drawings that you can provide, that would be preferred.
      • Type of defect (I.D. pitting, I.D. / O.D. cracking, flat bottom holes, round bottom pits, etc.)
      • Diameter/width/length of all defects
      • Depth of all defects
  • Tube sheet material and thickness. (typically, A516-70. A36 is more economical)
    • Standard thickness is 0.25” thick. 0.375” thick for mockups with covers.
  • Support plate material, number of support plates and thickness of support plates. (typically, A36 carbon steel)
  • Do you want a removeable cover? The cover is typically aluminum.
    • If you want a cover, the tube sheet thickness will be a minimum of 0.375” thick.
  • Do you want the tubes to be removeable/serviceable?
    • If you do not want the tubes to be removable, we can expand them into place if the tube sheet is at least 1” thick.
  • Do you want a storage case for the mockup? There is a custom case made to fit your mockup and can be used to store and transport the mockup.
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