Baugh & Weedon Vista+ Handheld UV Inspection Lamp

Baugh & Weedon Vista+ Handheld UV Inspection Lamp

UV and White Light Lamp with Peak Wavelength of 365-370nm, 13 Mega-Pixel HD Camera, Smart Software and Crack Dimension Measurement Accessory


The Vista+ is the 2nd generation of the Vista Smart UV LED Lamps. With the unique features inherited from the first generation Vista, such as the seamless integration of the UV LED lamp and Android OS, the Vista+ carries a 13 Mega-Pixel HD camera with a built-in UV filter to avoid glare in photos, OTG function, intelligent accessory connection, real-time data streaming, and even crack dimension measurement when connected to the Vista Eye accessory.



Changeable Lens (Left), Precision Measurements (Right)

Zooming Function (Left), Android Based OS (Right)


  • Safe and Pure UV-A emissions with peak wavelength of 365-370nm. Negligible visible light to safeguard visual inspection
  • Wide and Uniform Beam coverage, no hot spots
  • Flexible Charging: Powered by both electrical mains and built-in batteries with power indication
  • Touch Screen Zooming Function: in and out with 12X magnification

  • Screen Resolution: 720 x 720

  • Certified to Meet International Standards including: ASTM E1417, ASTM E1444, ASTM E709, ASTM E2297, ASTM E3022, RRES90061

Camera & System Performance

  • Smart Operating System: customized Android system. Unlimited online software. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB transmission
  • Real-time Data Streaming via Wi-Fi and USB connections
  • Special PC software designed for real-time graphic synchronization between a PC and the Vista+
  • Enables the support of remote inspection and further analysis

Crack Dimension Measurement

  • Accurate crack dimension measurement is now possible using the Vista Eye and software on the Vista+ or on a PC.
  • Measurement Range: 0.0004”- 0.275” (0.01-7mm.)

Optional Accessory - Vista Eye

The Vista Eye is a special crack dimension measurement and evaluation accessory with UV and white lighting. Linked with the Vista+, the Vista Eye can operate as an UV/WL endoscope, taking photos of the finest cracks with a high resolution, clear display. The cracks can be measured through the built-in app in the Vista+ or dedicated PC software. The Vista Eye enables precise dimension measurement of fine defects, delivers the operator an Endoscope function and is a great tool for PSM-5 (TAM) panel degradation tests.

Baugh & Weedon Vista Eye

Technical Specifications

Vista+ Specifications

Vista+ Optical & Electrical
LED 3 UV LEDs, 1 white LED
UV-A Irradiation 4500μw/cm2 at 15" (380 mm)
Visible Light <5 Lux
Peak Wavelength 365-370nm
Minimum Beam Diameter 170mm(>1,000μw/cm2 UV-A intensity)
250mm((>200μw/cm2 UV-A intensity)
Minimum Working Distances WD≤13nm
Expected LED Lifespan 20,000 hours
Weight 2lb (880g)
Power Supply Battery & Mains
Input Voltage Mains:110-240V 50/60Hz
Battery Type 2* Rechargeable Lithium Battery(18650)
Battery Operating Time 1h 30min
Ambient Conditions
Operating Temperature 41-113°F (5-45°C)
Storage Temperature 41-113°F (5-45°C)
Humidity During Operation Maximum 90% relative humidity (Non-condensing)
Air Humidity in Storage Maximum 90% relative humidity (Non-condensing)
Complies with ASTM E1417, ASTM E1444, ASTM E709, ASTM E2297, ASTM E3022, RRES90061
Vista+ Camera & System
Camera Pixel 13 Mega Pixels
Screen Dimension 3 x 3 inches / 7.62 x 7.62 cms
Screen Resolution 720 x 720 pixels
Internal Storage 32GB TF Card
Photo & Video Playback support
Data Transmission USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
White Balance Automatic White Balance
Focus Auto Focus and Manual Focus
App Special Designed APP for Dimension Measurement
Unlimited Online APPs (Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Language English, French, Germany, Italian, Chinese, etc.
Operating System 32 Bit Windows & 64 Bit Windows
Crack Measurement Range 0.0004”- 0.275” (0.01 - 7mm)
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Baugh & Weedon Vista+ Smart LED UV Inspection Lamp, Includes UV and White Light Switch, 13 Mega-Pixel HD Camera, Built-in UV Filter, OTG Function, Intelligent Accessory Connection, Android OS, AC & Rechargeable Battery Operated UV-BW-VISTA+ $5,460.00
Baugh & Weedon Vista Eye Crack Dimension Measurement and Evaluation Accessory, Compatible with the Vista+ and can be Connected Directly to a PC or UV Lamp. Includes Dedicated PC Software and Interface Cable. UV-BW-VISTA-EYE $2,500.00