TecScan TecView™ Software

TecScan TecView™ Software

A Full Suite of Software Products to Support Your NDT Applications

Full Suite of NDT Software

TecScan offers a full suite of software products to support your NDT applications. Software for Automated Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current, Bond testing, TOFD testing and more. We even offer software products with advanced 3D motion control and modeling tools for demanding aerospace applications which require inspection of complex parts.

The TecView™ suite allows you to prepare parts for inspection by performing easy manual Teach & Learn of parts with remote control pendant and remote monitor. The software also allows you to perform part geometry extraction from CAD drawings and probe movement animation along the extracted part examining scanner interferences. These can be purchased alone or as part of our other TecScan systems. See below for more details.

TecView™ UT

TecView™ UT is a complete software system solution designed for managing the entire procedure of Ultrasonic Testing including scanner motion control, data Acquisition and data Analysis. TecView™ UT is a true 64-bit application which takes full advantage of  Windows operating systems, handles large amounts of RAM, and is optimized for multiple core processors. It is also user-friendly and has intuitive menu design which makes it easy to understand and navigate through.


For Use With the Following TecScan Products:

TecScan Immersion Scanners

TecScan Ultrasonic Pulser-Receivers

TecScan UTPR-8 Multichannel Pulser-Receiver

TecView™ EC

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, TecView™ EC Eddy Current software assists with the task of performing Eddy Current inspections from start to finish. It includes data acquisition and management, robotic control, imaging, analysis, alarms and interpretation modules. TecView™ EC supports most of the standard Eddy Current equipment and file formats found in the industry. TecScan’s team developed the TecView™ EC software bearing in mind versatility and efficiency. To achieve these goals, the software has a reporting utility that can generate and print custom inspection reports that make information sharing easy.


For Use With the Following TecScan Products:

TecScan Eddy Current Bearing Scanner

TecScan ECIS-CC-20 Eddy Current Instrument

TecView™ BT

The TecView™ BT is designed for inspection of bond quality of aerospace composite materials. With its intuitive interface, the TecView BT automates the process and records the output signal of a bond testing instrument. TecView™ BT also provides C-Scan imaging capabilities, which would allow more intuitive and accurate analysis possibilities in terms of defect detection, sizing and positioning. The software's ACQUISITION module is also specifically designed to perform resonance and mechanical impedance analysis.


For Use With the Following TecScan Products:

TecScan ARMANDA Portable XY Scanner

TecView™ 3D

TecView™ 3D is a NDT software featuring basic and advanced contour following capabilities. This software is designed to perform inspection of curved structure while keeping constant orientation and separation of the probe with regards to the structure. The basic contour following capabilities of TecView™ 3D is perfectly suited for extruded parts or similar structures, while the advanced 3D scanning is designed to permit automated inspection of more complex parts with a complete tridimensional surface following.


For Use With the Following TecScan Products:

TecScan Side-Arms Ultrasonic Gantry System

TecScan Scan3D Immersion Scanner


TecView™ TOFD

This software package includes optimization tools for the inspection setup, Data acquisition and Management, as well as Analysis and Interpretation modules, this time-of-flight-diffraction software assists with the task of performing TOFD inspections from start to finish. Combining the best of Windows® operating system and graphical user interface, its intuitive and user-friendly interface features are specifically developed for the inspection of welds in plates and cylindrical structures. Precise sizing and defect characteristics can be recorded in a complete inspection report using the software’s reporting utility


For Use With the Following TecScan Products:

TecScan ARMANDA Portable Automated Scanner

TecView™ MOT

TecView™ Motion is designed to perform axis displacements of scanners and is specially intended to be used for applications that require precise probe displacement but no data acquisition or recording. TecView™ Motion includes axis displacements, position monitoring and scan pattern definition. Different scan types and geometries can be defined and executed. Simple and advanced scan patterns are available along with the typical flat 3-points scan. Time-encoded, record on demand and line scans as well as line and raster scans of inclined and curved surfaces can all be achieved.


For Use With the Following TecScan Products:

TecScan TC Series Immersion Scanners

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