Pacific NDT Pi Advanced Acquisition Software

Pacific NDT Pi Advanced Acquisition Software

Pacific Imaging
Pi Advanced Acquisition Software


Pacific Imaging offers a dynamic software platform that works seamlessly with its existing imaging solutions. PI NDT Software is designed for high throughput image examination and disposition and has been tailored specifically for industrial applications and complies with DICOM / DICONDE standards. The software layout and available controls can be configured for various classes of users, such as inspectors, technicians and supervisors. Pictures below show images acquired using Pacific Imaging Software and Digital Detector using High Energy X-ray.

Pi Software with its "SINGLE CLICK" process makes acquiring images very easy. When you launch the software, detector & x-ray are auto-connected. Just press "READY" & an image is acquired within a few seconds & wirelessly transferred onto a tablet (or laptop) for immediate review and analysis.




Software Licensing

PI NDT Software has been designed to be a cost-effective solution, providing digital imaging SW for an entire range of budgets. The PI NDT Software delivers quality imaging for companies when inspecting Power, Oil and Gas Plants and other industrial facilities. This is the ideal software platform for nondestructive testing in the industrial field. PI NDT Software will ensure considerable ease and efficiency while integrating fully with a range of providers of Digital & Computed Radiography solutions. pacific-imaging-pi-software-licensing


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