WS type Pulsed DC End Area Coils (Drillco style)

WS type Pulsed DC End Area Coils (Drillco style)

WS type Pulsed DC End Area Coils
(Drillco style)


WS-type Coils

WS-Coils have output characteristics similar to Drillco / Smith International© Drill Pipe Coils. The WS-type Coils use a (CD) Capacitive Discharge Power Supply. The unique WS power supply has the necessary high energy pulse to create an output of greater than 1,200 Amp Turns per inch of ID and greater than 400 Gauss in the Center of the Coil. This output is common to all WS models, while all are under 20 pounds (9kg).

Note: WS type Coils are not offered with AC or Demag Features.

In the Oil Well Drilling Business WS type Coils are commonly called Drill Pipe Coils. Drill Pipe rarely requires Demagnetization. Demagnetization is more commonly required for the tools on the Bottom End of the Drilling String. This is where WDV-type Coils are recommended. WS-type Coils pulse once per second and induce a very high Residual Magnetic Field into the work piece.

Model I.D. Amp Turns Gauss Weight
WS-8 8" (203mm) 21,000 1,125 14 lbs. (3.7kg)
WS-10 10" (254mm) 18,000 800 15.5 lbs. (7kg)
WS-12 12" (305mm) 17,000 620 17 lbs. (7.7kg)
WS-14 14" (356mm) 16,000 470 19 lbs. (8.5kg)


Diameter Range: 23/8" to 133/8" End Areas
Meets Output requirements of DS1 and NS-2
Centerline field > 400 Gauss
CD pulse rate: 1 Pulse per second
Power: 110VAC / 60Hz @ 15 amps, 230VAC / 50Hz @ 15 amps
Depth: 35/8" (92mm)

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
WS-8 8" (203mm) Pulsed DC End Area Coils - 21,000 Amp Turns MT-WI-WS-8 $3,295.00
WS-10 10" (254mm) Pulsed DC End Area Coils - 18,000 Amp Turns MT-WI-WS-10 $3,876.00
WS-12 12" (305mm) Pulsed DC End Area Coils - 17,000 Amp Turns MT-WI-WS-12 $4,175.00
WS-14 14" (356mm) Pulsed DC End Area Coils - 16,000 Amp Turns MT-WI-WS-14 $4,850.00
Water Resistant Foot Switch MT-WI-WRFS $550.00