Microprocessor Controlled

Meets ASTM E3246-21 Requirements


The MKII is a small, light portable hardness tester where load forces are applied through a dynamometric load cell is operative up to 360° of positioning, even upside down. With the MKII it is possible to perform quick and precise Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness measurements, as well as determine ultimate strength anywhere, inside in a lab or on location including tubes, profiles, valves, bulky or small places. The MKII can be used to test almost all metals; chromed surfaces, nitride surfaces, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, metal wire, hard and soft steel, hard and soft plastics, ceramic and glass materials, starting from a thickness of 0.002" (0.06 mm). A diamond indenter ensures precise hardness readings on all surfaces. Three interchangeable test accessories allow the user to run tests on differently shaped samples or on finished items. A variety of accessories to facilitate testing on small or oddly shaped items is available upon request.

Lightweight, Accurate, Easy-to-Use
The MKII's limited weight and compact size make it an extremely efficient durometer to test any surface, any large or unwieldy item or any already assembled product. The narrow elongated head is ideal to reach surfaces such as the inner parts of castings or finished housings.

It is extremely easy to use. Simply choose the desired hardness scale, put the test probe on the surface and apply light pressure to start the test cycle. At the end of the test, the instrument lets out a sound signal and the result immediately appears on the wide graphic display. At this point the hardness tester is ready to take a new measurement.

Operating Console
Smart digital console with LCD screen, large hard drive for data and statistic storage and data outputs that connect to a printer or computer with an RS232C connection or USB connection.

Hardness testing data is simultaneously shown on the LCD graphic display

  • Detected values in various simultaneous scales
  • Average of the values with automatic updating
  • Battery level
  • Finding according to the tolerance
  • Limits expressed both numerically and graphically
  • Programmable test preload and load timer
  • Statistics and gauss diagram
  • Sound signal to indicate the end of the cycle
  • It is also possible to display the temperature and the date.

Working Principle for Rockwell Tests (AFFRI Patent)
It works neither by rebound nor by means of ultrasounds, it works with a static load and it measures the penetration. It can test hardness of coatings or foil as thin as 0.003" (0.08mm).


  1. Instrument at rest
  2. Clamping the test item
  3. Applying the preload
  4. Applying the test load
  5. Reading of the value of the actual residual penetration converted in hardness values, uninfluenced by possible vibrations, springing or subsidence of the underlying surface.

Fields of Application for AFFRI Testers

Technical Specifications


Accuracy Better than 1%
Temperature Range 50°F to 95° (10°C to 35°C)
Data Output RS 232C (USB on request)
Power Supply Rechargeable 6V battery
Preload 1 kgf (9.807 N)
Test Loads 2 or 5.6 kgf (19.614 or 54.92 N)
Standards DIN 50157 - ASTM E110
Min. Thickness Measurement 0.002" (0.06mm) at 2 kgf / 0.003" (0.08mm) at 5 kgf
Packaging Dimensions 19.7" x 15.75" x 7.9" (50 x 40 x 20 cm)
Packing Weight 8.8 lbs. (4 kg)


  • Instrument with electric unit
  • Recharger for battery (220V)
  • Diamond Indenter (M3)
  • Adjustable Caliper base
  • V+ flat face base for round items
  • Briefcase
  • Test block with certificate
  • User manual

Optional Accessories:

  • Oversized base for round items
  • Base for extruders
  • Clamping vise
  • Sliding Support
  • Vice Support

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
METALTESTER MKII 5kg Kit Includes: Unit, Indenter (M3), Adjustable Caliper base, HRB & HRC Test Blocks with ILAC traceable certificate, V+ flat face base, User Manual & Briefcase HT-AF-MTKII-5-KIT Request Pricing
METALTESTER MKII 2kg Kit Includes: Unit, Indenter (M3), Adjustable Caliper base, HRB & HRC Test Blocks wit ILAC traceable certificate, V+ flat face Base, User Manual & Briefcase HT-AF-MTKII-2-KIT Request Pricing