AFFRI BK30 Portable Brinell Microscope

AFFRI BK30 Portable Brinell Microscope

Digital Microscope for Automatic Brinell Measurements. Previously the BK20

Electronic Microscope for Automatic Brinell Indentation Measurement

  • With a ball of 0.1", 0.2" or 0.4" (2.5 mm, 5 mm or 10mm)
  • User friendly and compact
  • Auto light adjustment
  • Accuracy and repeatability of measurement +/- 1%
  • Can be installed on Windows® PC
  • Export data and images as jpg, bmp, pdf, excel, txt, csv
  • Create and print reports with results and statistics
  • Internet connection for remote data network, calibration, service and software updates



With the Affri portable Brinell microscope it is possible to perform quick and precise indentation measurements using the same method and technology as a standard bench-top instrument.

  • One complete indentation measurement in only few seconds.

  • Accurate and reliable on all materials, without adjustments

  • Magnetic clamping base for better stability on iron parts

  • Direct measurements in Brinell, calibrated pins and Vickers

  • Robust and harshness resistant with strong wiring


The software automatically processes the measurement for you, avoiding user error. You can setup the hardness test scales, set the properties of the camera, and set the test method standards and the conversion scales. Measurements can be exported as a txt file or printed via USB/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth outputs. Exported data listed all completed readings and their associated images, and charts the results and statistics highlighted according to the tolerance values (low, ok, high).

Handy and Accurate

Hardness measurements can be made directly on the shop floor. The lightweight and compact design makes it an extremely efficient instrument to test any surface, large or bulky item or assembled product.

User Friendly

The Affri BK30 is extremely easy to use - simply choose the desired hardness scale, put the test probe on the surface and push the red button. The result immediately appears and the tester is once again ready for a new measurement.

Technical Specifications

Affri BK30 Specifications

Affri BK30 Specifications
Standards ASTM E-10 / ISO 6506
Data Output USB
Feasible Tests Probe A: Objective 20X - Automatic Brinell reader for indentation of 0.2" - 0.4" (05 mm - 10 mm)
Probe B (Optional): Objective 40X - Automatic Brinell reader for indentation of 0.1" (2.5 mm)
Reading Automatic indent reading with autofocus
Accuracy Better than 1%

Kit Includes

BK30 Includes

  • BK30 Unit
  • Tablet TFT Monitor with 10-11" Touch Screen and Windows 10
  • Probe with Objective 20x for Ball 10 and 5mm
  • Users Guide
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Conversion Table
  • Power Cord
  • Warranty Certificate
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Affri BK30 w/ Computer Tablet Kit Includes: Tablet with 10-11" TFT monitor, touch screen, Probe w/ objective 20x for ball (5 and 10mm), User Guide, Power Cord, Calibration Certificate, Conversion Card and Warranty Certificate & Software Windows 10 HT-AF-BK30-A $8,437.00
Affri BK30 w/o Computer Tablet Kit Includes: Probe w/ objective 20x for ball (5 and 10mm), User Guide, Calibration Certificate, Conversion Table, Power Cord and Warranty Certificate & Software Windows 10 HT-AF-BK30-B $7,500.00