Sherwin FGP-20 Food Grade Water Washable Penetrant

Sherwin FGP-20 Food Grade Water Washable Penetrant

Sherwin FGP-20 Food Grade Water Washable Penetrant

FGP-20 is an NSF certified, Category 1, Level 2, Method A water washable fluorescent penetrant. The FGP-20 is a versatile, general purpose penetrant for use on a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium. It complies with low sulfur and low halogen requirements.

The FGP-20 is exempted from regulation as a food additive (premarket notification to the FDA is not considered necessary nor is explicit FDA approval relevant for the intended application). This product is acceptable for use as a penetrant for the detection of cracks, surface breaking flaws and leaks (PI) in and around food processing areas. The product must only be used in such a manner as to ensure it will have neither direct nor indirect contact with food or potable water.

FGP-20 is a combustible liquid. Use with adequate ventilation and away from sparks, fire or open flames. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin.

Chemical Properties:

Color: Green
Odor: Mild
Viscosity: 16.3 cSt @ 100°F
Fluorescence: Yellow / Green
Flash Point: None
Temperature Limit: 40°F to 125°F (4°C to 51.6°C)
Shelf Life: 60 months
Keep away from moisture and sunlight and keep container closed when not in use.


  1. Application: Apply FGP-20 only to clean, dry surfaces by spraying, flowing, brushing or dipping.
  2. Dwell Time: A 10 minute dwell time is suggested, although in many cases 5 minutes will suffice. When particularly tight cracks are suspected or the part is especially critical, the dwell time may be extended to 30 minutes or longer. Allow the penetrant to drain from the part surface back into the penetrant tank to conserve material.
  3. Removal: Use ambient temperature water to rinse FGP-20 from the part surface. To avoid washing entrapped penetrant from surface flaws, do not use high water pressure or temperatures and avoid prolonged washing times.
  4. Drying: Use a heat gun, ambient evaporation or if appropriate a re-circulating oven, heating temperatures should not exceed 160°F (71°C). Heat the part just long enough to evaporate surface moisture.
  5. Inspection: Inspect parts under appropriate UV-A light intensity and minimal visible light.


  • One gallon cans
  • 5 gallon cans
  • 55 gallon drums
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