Rohmann Rototest

Rohmann Rototest

The ROTOTEST-Instruments Have Been Especially Designed for Quick and Reliable Bore-Hole-Testing with Rotating Probes

Rohmann Rototest

The ROTOTEST instruments have been especially designed for quick and reliable bore-hole-testing with rotating probes

Compared to manual bore hole testing, 80%-time saving can be achieved along with a higher testing sensitivity.

The ROTOTEST was developed in the time of the foundation of the Rohmann Company and is now still being produced in its 3rd generation. It has been successfully produced and sold since 1978, as no other instrument is able to match or exceed its cost effectiveness.

The traditional area of application of the ROTOTEST instruments, is the testing of rivet or fastener bore-holes in aircraft structures. Other applications are for example, rapid and reliable crack detection in bore-holes of aircraft driving gears, centrifugal runners and other heavy-duty or safety parts.

A specialized version, the ROTODISC, is used to detect surface flaws in metal sheets (substitutional to magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspections) prior to welding them to pipes or tanks.The inspector uses a cart to push the instrument with a rotating planar probe in a scanning manner across the metal sheet. Surface flaws will be indicated optically and acoustically.

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