ETher AeroCheck 3

ETher AeroCheck 3

Aerospace Single and Dual Frequency Eddy Current Flaw Detector


The ETher AeroCheck 3 offers the best in Eddy Current performance, with rotary inspection capabilities as standard, together with variety of advanced features. Based on operator feedback and embracing the use of new materials, the AeroCheck 3 delivers to the end-user enhanced ruggedness, a toughened screen, improved connector access and performance.


  • Three year Warranty. Increase to 6 years with optional ETherCover which includes free annual calibration
  • Advanced features including Conductivity, Auto-Mix, Loop, Guides & Trace
  • Rotary capabilities as standard
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, rugged design- including anchor points, topside connector panel, pipe stand, and tripod mount
  • Thumbwheel option for rapid menu navigation
  • Toughened, anti-glare, crisp, daylight readable display, with screen protector
  • A single and dual frequency range of 10Hz-20MHz, ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Designed to meet IP64, IP68 rated connectors
  • Over 7 hours battery life, fast 2.5 hrs charging time
  • Industry standard probe connectors

Software Features

  • Auto-Mix: simplifies the procedure of mixing two different frequency signals 
  • Innovative Loop Feature: 'Loop' is a convenient way of capturing live, repetitive signal and then adjusting the instrument settings; in particular, Phase, Gain, and Filters in order to simplify the task of optimizing the parameters
  • Guides: allow the user to display a slide show that is compatible with most presentation software native to desktops and laptops.
  • Trace: allows a reference waveform to be stored on the screen and appears along with the graticule behind the live spot. Allows the operator to compare live data with a reference calibration
  • Operator Defined Soft Keys: quick access, one-press functionality that is easily programmable to streamline user operations for specific applications


The AeroCheck 3 utilizes a wide frequency range (single and dual) of 10Hz to 20MHz, ensuring a diverse range of applications. Its wide frequency range is matched in capacity by the AeroCheck 3s Eddy Current Probe capacity, which includes Absolute, Bridge, and Reflection connected probes. 

  • Common Aerospace Applications Include:
  • Wing & Surface Hinges
  • Fuselage
  • Windows and Frames
  • Wheels, Wheel Brakes, and Landing Gear
  • Engine Blades & Discs
  • Horizontal Stabilizers
  • Door Access Points and Window Frames
  • Bulkhead Frames

Aircraft Inspection Guide - Click Here

ETher NDE Phase Plane Instrument Family

Supported Feature WeldCheck3 WeldCheck2 WeldCheck+ AeroCheck 3 AeroCheck2 AeroCheck+ PhaseCheck AmCheck ETherCheck ETherCheckR
Real-Time Readings
All-in-One Display
Conductivity and Coating
Thickness Measurement
Rotary Scanner      
Dual Frequency and Mixing    
Pitch-Catch Bond Test Mode                
Resonance Testing                  

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

AEROCHECK 3 Specification 
Connectors: 12-Way Lemo 2B (IP68) (Absolute, Bridge and Reflection) and Connection Lemo 00 (IP68) (for single
element absolute probes). Simultaneous probe operation possible using Lemo 12-Way and Lemo 00.
Rotary Drive: 600-3000 rpm - ETher Mercury Drive (ADR002), Hocking 33A100, Rohmann MR3, SR1 & SR2 Drive
(special adpater needed)
Conductivity: Option becomes active withuse of an AeroCheck Conductivity probe and cable (see end of spec table)


Overall: -18 to + 104 dB, 0.1, 1 and 6dB steps (104dB maximum) + Mix Gain (-18 to +18dB on Output)


0dB or 12dB
Drive: - 6dB to 10dB in 1dB steps (0dB reference 1mW into 50 ohm)
Max X/Y Ratio: +/-100.0dB
Range: 0.0-359.9°, 0.1° steps
Auto Phase: Allows phase angle to be automatically set to a pre-set angle
Normal High Pass: DC to 2kHz or Low Pass Filter, which ever is the lower in 1 Hz steps. Plus variable adaptive balance drift
compensation 0.01 - 0.5 Hz (6 steps)
Normal Low Pass: 1Hz to 2kHz or a quarter of the lowest test frequency, which ever is lower in 1 Hz steps
Manual: 14 internal balance loads; 2.2μH, 5.0μH, 6.0μH, 6.5μH, 7.0μH, 7.5μH, 8.2μH, 12μH, 15μH, 18μH, 22μH,
30μH, 47μH, 82μH
Automatic: Optimised balance load selection
Box & Sector: Both Alarm types are fully configurable, Freeze, Tone or Visual
Output: Open collector transistor (50v dc at 10mA max) available on 12-way Lemo
Type: 145mm (5.7”), 18 bit Colour, daylight readable
Viewable Area: 115.2mm (4.53”) (Horizontal) x 86.4mm (3.4”) (Vertical)
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Colour Schemes: User configurable Dark, Bright and Black & White
Configurable Screen: Full Screen, Single, Dual Spot or Dual Pane with variable size and location and function e.g. XY, Time-base, Waterfall and Meter.
Display Modes: Full Screen, Single, Dual Spot or Dual Pane with variable size and location and function e.g. XY, Time-base, Waterfall and Meter. Spot, Time base (0.1-20 seconds x 1-200 sweeps and up to 55 seconds),
Waterfall and Meter with peak hold and % readout
Graticules: None, Grid (4 sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH), Polar (4 sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH)
Offset: Spot Position: Y =-50 to +50, X =-65 to +65%
Digital Spot: Display in X, Y or R,θ
Setting: Display/Edit of all settings in Legacy Format
Setup Storage: micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 settings
Stored Screen Shots: micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 screen shots
Shots: Comprehensive Record, Replay and Storage
Record Replay: Real-time recording of trace data and Replay on instruments and desktop PC up to 164 seconds
PC Connectivity: USB (Full PC remote control plus Real Time data)
Digital Volt Free Alarm: On Lemo 12-way Open collector transistor (36v dc at 10mA max)
VGA: Full 15 way VGA output
Language: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Czech, Norwegian.
Verification Level: The system includes on delivery a 2 year validity Verification Level 2 detailed functional Check and
calibration, as per ISO 15548-1:2013.
Power On Self Test: A “self test” on start-up is performed of external ram, accelerometer, Micro SD card, LCD screen buffer.
Battery: Internal 7.2V nominal @ 3100mAh = 22.32
Run Time: Over 7 hours with a Weld Probe at 100kHz and 50% backlight
Charging Time: 2.5 hrs. charge time, simultaneous charge and operation
External: 100-240v 50-60Hz 30 Watts
Connector: Lemo OS Hermaphroditic keying, half-moon insert (IP68)
Weight: 1.15 kg (2.54 lbs)
Size (w x h x d): 222.2mm x 152.2mm x 47.4mm (LxHxW) (8.75” x 6.0” x 1.87”)
Material: Main Body: PC-ABS a blend of the two polymers - Polycarbonate (PC) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Sty-rene (ABS). Over-moulded Material: TPE Red Rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).
Operating Temp.: -20 to +60°C (-4 to 140 °F)
Storage Temp.: Storage for up to 12 months -20 to +35°C (-4 to 95°F) Nominal +20°C (68°F)
IP Rating: Designed to meet requirements of IP64



Kit Includes

  • AeroCheck 3, Portable Flaw Detector (Thumbwheel or Keypad option), Software & Manual on USB Stick
  • AeroCheck 3, Lemo Type. Power Adapter & Input Plugs (UK, EU, US & AUS)
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Padded, with Quick-Release clips
  • Instrument Soft Carry Case
  • USB Cable, A to MINB, 1m long
  • Quick Reference Card (A5)
  • Lead, Lemo 00 to Microdot, 1.5 (Absolute)
  • Lead, Lemo 12-Way, Lemo 4-Way (Reflection)
  • Split Rings, 3mm Thickness
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ETher AeroCheck3 KEYPAD Kit: Handheld Portable Flaw Detector w/ Software & Manual, Power Adapter + Input Plugs (UK, EU, US, & AUS), Shoulder Strap, Case, 1m USB Cable, A5 Reference Card, Split Rings, Lemo 00 Adapter for Microdot Connector EC-ET-IAER300 Request Pricing
ETher AeroCheck3 Thumbwheel Kit: Handheld Portable Flaw Detector w/ Software & Manual, Power Adapter + Input Plugs (UK, EU, US, & AUS), Shoulder Strap, Case, 1m USB Cable, A5 Reference Card, Split Rings, Lemo 00 Adapter for Microdot Connector EC-ET-IAER300TW Request Pricing