Maurer Magnetic B-1022 Magnetic Viewer

Maurer Magnetic B-1022 Magnetic Viewer

Suitable for very weak magnetic fields


The magnetic viewer provides a fast, clean way to view magnetized patterns. It requires no exterior chemicals. The magnetic viewer allows you to create visible weak magnetic fields as has been done with residual magnetism and signals on magnetic tapes, disks or magnetic cards. The magnetic viewer allows you to view recorded signals for head alignment, track placement, pulse definition, inter-block spacing and drop out areas on a computer.

It can be used to determine, record or reproduce problems in malfunctioning systems. It can also be used to synchronize the audio track on a video recorder. The magnetic viewer can determine whether tools, heads or guides are magnetized and can also be used to examine magnetic patterns on other types of magnetized parts. The viewer is supplied in a humidor jar designed to prolong the viewer life.


See For Yourself

The Maurer Magnetic B-1022 Magnetic Viewer is a simple tool that proves that a picture is worth 1,000 words. You can instantly see fine magnetic poles, understand the location and distribution of magnetic “hard spots” and evaluate the effectiveness of the demagnetizing process.

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Resolution

Dimensions: 1.77"L x 0.19"H

Optical Resolution: 200 dpi

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Magnetic Field Viewer B-1022 DE-MM-30039 $275.00