ATS-20B Test Meter Kit

ATS-20B Test Meter Kit

The ATS-20B Test Meter Kit has been discontinued (owing to the company going out of business). The alternative is:

SI-20KA/ST/QB Certification Meter Kit


Model ATS-20B is a complete portable current Ammeter Duration (Shot) time meter, with a removable meter shunt built into a durable ABS storage case. Certified to NIST standards to meet or exceed international industrial and military MPI equipment calibration requirements. It will measure AC, FWDC and HWDC currents in the Mean Average, True RMS or Peak detection methods, in less than 300msec up to 20,000 amperes. It has auto hold for storing last reading indefinitely, with automatic reset and update after each measurement or may be operated in manual mode. Duration (Shot) Time is automatic and measures current flow up to 20 seconds.


Panel Controls

Power On/Off, Avg-Trms-Peak, FWDC, AC, HWDC, Range 2,000/20,000, Mode Auto/Manual, Zero Adjust and Reset



Technical Specifications

ATS-20B Specifications

Basic Accuracy 1% ± 2 digits AC + DC
True RMS: 0 - 10 KHz CF5
Mean Average: 0 - 1 KHz CF2
Peak: 0 - 10 KHz
Input Conversion Time 280 msec
Signal Input 20mv per 1000 Amp Meter Shunt
Ranges Ranges 2,000 = .100 to 1.999 X 1000 amperes
20,000 = 1.00 to 19.99 X 1000 amperes
DPM Display 3½ LCD ½” (12mm) digits
Meter Shunt
Basic Accuracy 0.1% (0 to 85°C)
Signal Output 20mv per 1000 Amps
Duty Cycle (not to exceed 85°C) 10%
Cable Length 6' (2m)
Duration Meter
Basic Accuracy 1% ± 2 digits
Range 0.06 to 19.99 seconds
Minimum Input 100/1000 Amps to start timer
Auto Reset Time 1.0 seconds
DPM Display 3½ LCD to ½ (12mm) digits
General Specifications

8 each AA size alkaline batteries

Nominal battery life (2 years)

Low battery Indicator

Size (HxWxD)

5½ x 13½ x 9½” (140 x 343 x 240mm)


13 lbs. (6kg)

Temperature Range

Operating = 5 to 45°C

Storage = -40 to 65°C with batteries removed

Options and Accessories


  • Quick Break Test Indicator
  • Either End Connectors for Meter Shunt
  • Backlighted Panel Meters
  • Low Current X100 Meter Shunt for 0-200 Amp Range


Faceplate with Optional Quick Break Function

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
ATS-20B Test Meter Kit MT-TSI-20020 Request Pricing
Quick Break Test Indicator MT-TSI-QB Request Pricing
Either End Connectors for Meter Shunt MT-TSI-EEC Request Pricing
Black Lighted Panel Meters MT-TSI-BLPM Request Pricing
Low Current X100 Meter Shunt for 0-200 Amp Range MT-TSI-LCX100 Request Pricing