List-Magnetik MP-810 Magnetic Field Meter

List-Magnetik MP-810 Magnetic Field Meter

Compact, Easy and Comfortable to Use

The small, compact MP-810 works just as precisely as the bigger magnetic field meters. The MP-810 can perform all magnetic field measurements, is easy to operate and measures exact DC and AC fields as well as maximum values for pulse fields. The MP-810 is available with in two configurations: the fixed axial probe (810A) or tangential (810T) probe. The MP-810 can display measurements in units of: A/cm, kA/m, Gauss/Oersted or Tesla. It is pre-calibrated to a standard 180A/cm. The MP-810 is durable and will get reproducible field strength values during the magnetic field test. In addition, an optional calibration standard is offered (reference magnet), so you can always check the accuracy of your magnetic field meter.


Axial Probe

The axial field probe (MP-810A) measures in the direction of the probe axis in a distance of 2mm. It is suitable for measurement on surfaces or in bores. To check calibration, place the probe inside the ring on top of the calibration standard and position or rotate the instrument until the maximum value is displayed. Then compare the displayed value to the value of the calibration standard.

Transversal Probe

The transversal field probe (MP-810T) measures transversely to the probe axis. Optimal fields of application are air gaps, cavities, and surfaces of workpieces for crack detection. To check the calibration, place  the probe in the center of the ring on the top of the calibration standard with the N (North Pole) mark facing up. Position the probe until the maximum value is displayed. Then compare the displayed value to the value of the calibration standard.

Manage and send measurement data with a free application

To further process your measurement data, you can pair your measuring device with mobile Android and iOS devices, or with a Windows PC. This is made possible by Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE). With the Lima Connect app you can manage projects and assign the measuring points on a photo. The measurement results can be statistically evaluated and displayed graphically. The app for Android, iOS and Windows is free. The application runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Older Windows versions are not tested.

Technical Specifications

MP-810 Series Specifications

MP-810A / MP-810T
Measuring units: A/cm – kA/m – Gauss – Oersted – Tesla switchable
Measuring probe MP-810A: Axial field probe ø 0.32 in (8mm) with defined measuring distance of 0.079 in (2.0 mm)
Measuring probe MP-810T: Transversal field probe of 0.067 in (1.7 mm) thickness with Hall Sensor distance of (0.9 mm)
Measuring range DC: 0-20,000 A/cm
Measuring range AC: 2-20,000 A/cm
Accuracy: in the homogeneous field ± 1 A/cm up to 50 A/cm, ± 2 % of measured value from 50 A/cm
Resolution: 0–200 A/cm: 0.1 A/cm, 200–10,000 A/cm: 1 A/cm, > 10,000 A/cm: 10 A/cm
Frequency range AC: 20 Hz – 100 Hz
Peak Hold: with impulse duration >= 0.25 sec
Display: OLED Graphic Display illuminated
Menu navigation: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch
Data logger: 4000 measured values flexibly divisible
Statistics: count / maximum / minimum / average / standard deviation
Interface: Bluetooth Low Energy interface for communication with Android, iOS and Windows
App for Android, iOS, Windows: free of charge via Google Play Store, Apple App Store, List-Magnetik website
Power supply: 1x 1.5 V AA Mignon
Operating time: approx. 50 hours
Dimensions: Ø 1.1 x 5.5 in (28 x 140 mm)
Weight: 2.58 oz (73 g) with battery

Kit Includes

  • Unit MP-810A / MP-810T w/ USB Bluetooth Receiver
  • Spare  Battery
  • Case
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Free Android, iOS, and Windows Software App

Optional Accessories

  • Calibration Standard for Magnetic Fields: a calibration standard is a reference magnet that allows the user to verify the accuracy of a matched probe


  • Zero Gauss Chamber NGK-10: in order to be able to carry out the probe calibration for magnetic field measuring devices independently of the earth's magnetic field, a shielded Zero Gauss Chamber helps
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Magnetic Field Meter MP-810A, with USB Bluetooth receiver, spare battery and case, including calibration certificate MT-LM-2026 $1,550.00
Magnetic Field Meter MP-810T, with USB Bluetooth receiver, spare battery and case, including calibration certificate MT-LM-2027 $1,550.00
Precision calibration standard 180 A/cm for axial or transversal field probes used with MP-810/-4000/-1000/-2000 MT-LM-2102 $525.00
List-Magnetik Zero Gauss Chamber NGK-10 MT-LM-2110 $445.00