Vidisco Security DR Systems

Vidisco Security DR Systems

Why Choose Vidisco's Systems for Security

Vidisco’s digital portable x-ray machines enable safe and effective EOD/IED detection for the most demanding security applications. With our easy-to-use portable digital X-ray (DR) solutions, EOD technicians can quickly make informed decisions with no need to approach the object. Optimized for harsh field conditions, Vidisco systems comply with the toughest industry standards and are field-proven in civilian security and combat situations.

Security Applications

Law Enforcement

Police security operators are required to deal with urban threats under enormous pressure. Vidisco’s portable x-ray systems offer an enhanced ability to capture high quality images in minimal time. This enables Bomb Technicians rapidly assess and defeat IEDs safely and effectively.


Vidisco’s portable digital x-ray systems enable inspection of suspicious objects in harsh environments and in all weather conditions. The x-ray process is fully controlled from a safe distance, thus tackling the unknown threat with maximum operator safety. Only one approach downrange is required (or no human approach when using an ROV).

VIP Protection

The fast and easy setup of Vidisco’s portable digital x-ray systems and the immediate images they provide on-site, help the VIP protection team clear zones unobtrusively, enabling discreet inspection of suspect objects in any location. Special software functions enable detection of listening devices and facilitate delineation of a variety of objects.

Customs & Border Control

X-ray inspections help prevent law suits, as inspected vehicles remain intact. Vidisco’s portable digital x-ray facilitates thorough inspection of objects, while ensuring the flow of goods and transport due to fast results. The Vidisco system can be easily used by spot chase border control units on main roads.

Prison Services

In prisons and other secure facilities, it’s highly important that any dangerous or prohibited items, such as weapons or drugs, can be rapidly detected, to ensure the safety of staff and inmates. With a Vidisco portable X-Ray solution, this can be achieved rapidly, on-the-spot, through one-click scanning for every person entering the facility, using safe, low radiation levels.

As Vidisco systems are highly portable, they can be used anywhere, at any time, even from a distance, making them ideal for use in prisons of all types.


Vidisco’s portable X-Ray systems are a valuable tool in ensuring public safety in the face of terrorism. Many terrorists use Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), built from a variety of everyday objects, yet presenting a serious threat. These objects are often hidden in plain sight, such as in a regular bag or suitcase, making it difficult to know when to take action.

A Vidisco X-Ray system removes any traces of doubt, by allowing items to be scanned rapidly, revealing any suspicious contents, down to the smallest wire or igniter, in real-time. By using Vidisco systems in conjunction with a remote-controlled robot, or similar, item scanning can be carried out from a safe distance. Thanks to these portable, high resolution imaging systems, bomb disposal personnel are no longer required to risk their own lives in order to ensure the safety of the public.


Vidisco’s portable x-ray systems offer the CSI and forensic investigators a cutting edge tool to gather x-ray evidence on site and in the laboratory in real time. Wireless communication modes enable inspection without contaminating the crime scene.


Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Threat Detection.
When it comes to detecting a wide range of different threats, such as chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats, a highly sophisticated detection system is required.

Vidisco’s portable X-Ray systems are used in CRBNE operations across the globe, allowing emergency personnel to rapidly detect possible threats, through on-the-spot digital X-Ray imaging. This high resolution imaging can be viewed immediately, and can be paired with a robot to allow inspections of suspicious items at a distance, without putting personnel at risk. With a Vidisco system, you can be sure that both lives and property are protected from harm.