Teleweld Telebrineller

Teleweld Telebrineller

Teleweld Telebrineller

Telebrineller hardness measurements are a direct comparison to a known physical reference and therefore, measurements are not subject to inaccuracies due to; alloy, thickness, geometry, position, etc., that are common with many other portable testers.


The Telebrineller is rugged! Go ahead and smack it with a hammer!

Test anywhere - Field, Plant or Lab

It is also the least expensive Brinell tester and it will last forever

  • Lightweight: The complete Telebrineller system, in its case, weighs less than ten pounds. Easily transported to any location, it is highly practical for all BrineIl hardness testing needs.
  • Simple Operation: One hammer blow, measurement of the resulting impressions and the manipulation of a basic equation will be calculated on the computer provided-that's all. No special training required. In a few minutes, anyone can learn to determine BHN accurately.
  • Certified Accuracy: The test bars which are the core of this system, are calibrated to a uniform hardness of ± 3% of the labeled BHN. Hardness of the bars is measured by equipment whos accuracy is certified traceable to the National Standards Institute. The Telebrineller microscope is by Leica. Readings may be made within .05 millimeters.
  • Anywhere - Waterproof: Designed for field use; there are no delicate adjustments or fragile components to be concerned with. All parts are rugged, solid and able to deliver accurate measurements in all weather, under the roughest field conditions.

Telebrineller Bars

Available in many BHN values

Certified accuracy ± 3% of labeled hardness

BHN Values Table

627 352 229 147
578 341 223 142
555 331 217 138
534 321 212 135
514 311 207 131
495 302 200 127
477 293 194 124
461 285 188 121
444 277 182 117
429 269 176 114
415 262 170 111
401 255 165 109
388 248 160 106
375 241 156  
363 235 151  


Kit Includes: microscope, computer, bar holder (0100) or Halteman Filletester (0101), calculation pad, carrying case and 5 bars. The 5 bars are either a variety from hard to soft chosen by manufacturer or customer selected hardness, based on availability. Includes certificates of calibration on the microscope and the bars.

Calibration Disc with or without certification is not included in the kit.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Telebrineller Kit Includes Five (5) Bars of Selected Hardness, Microscope, Computer, Bar Holder, Calculation Pad, all inside a Carrying Case. Includes Certificates of Calibration on the Microscope and the Bars HT-TW-0100 $1,450.00
Telebrineller Kit includes five (5) bars of selected hardness, Microscope, Computer, Halteman Filletester, Calculation Pad, all inside a Carrying Case HT-TW-0101 $1,495.00
Teleweld Halteman Filletester HT-TW-0200 $435.00
Telebrineller Bars - Steel (Each - Minimum Order 3) HT-TW-3000 $28.50
Telebrineller Bars - Steel (Each - 25 or More) HT-TW-4000 $24.20
Telebrineller Bars - Aluminum (Each - Minimum Order 3) HT-TW-6000 $44.00
Calibration Disc (stage micrometer) - Without Certification HT-TW-239-31 $358.00
Calibration Disc (stage micrometer) - With Certification HT-TW-239-31-CERT $675.00