Magnaflux Pie Field Indicator

Magnaflux Pie Field Indicator

Note: This product has been discontinued, the replacement is:

NDT Pie Gauge


The Pie Gauge is a tool for quickly verifying the direction of magnetic flux on a surface. It is made from eight ferrous segments, braised into a single piece, providing a star pattern of nonferrous discontinuities. The eight linear discontinuities provide indications in all directions. Typically used with dry powders for yoke inspection, the Pie Gauge can be held at any angle and will generate indications perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic flux. Non-ferrous handle with pivot.

Meets ASME BPVC Section V Article 7, ASTM A275, ASTM E709, ASTM E1444 and ASTM E3024 requirements.


Place the pie gauge as flat as possible on the test surface with the visible pie sections facing down. Magnetize the surface and apply magnetic particles. Indications will form along lines crossing the direction of the magnetic flux. Indications perpendicular to the magnetic flux will be stronger and more well defined than indications at an angle. No indications will form parallel to (in line with) the magnetic flux. Note: the pie gauge does not indicate magnetic field strength.

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