Diverse Technologies MF300B+

Diverse Technologies MF300B+

Magnetic Flux Meter

Handheld Flux Meter with Rugged Probe

The Diverse MF300B+ hand held, battery operated Magnetic Flux Meter with its rugged stainless steel probe is suitable for laboratory and workshop use. The meter is microprocessor controlled and uses a membrane key pad and a digital display which makes it simple to operate. The MF300B+, is a novel search coil based instrument that steals flux from the ferrous material under test (MUT) to assess the level of magnetic flux inside the MUT. By integrating the change in magnetic flux lines between a position in air and on the surface of the MUT the flux in the material can be estimated. There are a wide range of applications for the instrument but it has found important use in NDT, allowing material magnetization to be assessed for magnetic particle inspection (MPI). 


  • Provides quantitative measurement of the magnetic flux inside steel. 
  • Measures peak magnetic flux density
  • Measures AC peak flux density
  • Uses unique Magnetic Flux Probe 
  • Auto zero before every reading
  • Rugged stainless steel probe
  • Continuous bar graph display of progress
  • Auto power off
  • Supplied with a protective carrying case and full user instructions
  • Used by NDT and welding shops worldwide.
  • Meets ISO 9000 quality assurance requirements.
  • Fully calibrated with mild steel and delivered with certification.

Measurement Process

The measurement is a two step process; firstly, with the probe away from the MUT the instrument is zeroed, then during the measurement phase the probe is brought in to the MUT and integration of the signal is completed over 10 seconds. Magnetic inspection often calls for the use of a specified level of magnetic flux within steel components. If the magnetic flux level is too low, then defects may be overlooked; if too high then spurious indications may occur. The MF300B+ measures the magnetic flux density just below the surface. The MF300B+ is tested using a steel ring calibrated by The National Physics Laboratory (NPL). Using the ring, the instrument is defined to be set up with fields in carbon steel. Providing the magnetic characteristic is similar to carbon steel the MF300B+ can be used with confidence.

Technical Specifications

Magmeter MF300B+ Specifications

Manual Ranges: (Full Scale) 0 to 1999 milli Tesla
Technique: Can be used with all magnetization techniques including permanent magnets, AC magnets, current cables, current probes 
Units: Milli Tesla
Measurements Modes: Integrated flux, Peak integrated flux, AC peak magnetic flux
Display: 4 lines of 16 characters shows values, units, modes, ranges and progress bars
Internal Data Sample Rate: 500 per second
Accuracy: 3% full scale at 68°F (20°C)
Probe Size: 20 x 10mm , 50mm long
Detection: Detects the peak value of the magnetic flux density inside materials indicates the direction in which the magnetic flux is measured.
Logging: Via optional PC serial / USB interface
Bar Graph: Shows flux integration progress over the 10 seconds of collection
Zeroing: System zero before every measurement. Continuous re-zero while not measuring.
Probe Cable Length: 1.5m typical
Calibration: Calibrated by Diverse to NPL traceable standard. 12 month recalibration required for ISO9000 quality standard.
Power: 4 standard AA cells, typical lifetime 12 months. Continuous use 30 hours.
Low Battery: Automatically detects and warns user
Instrument Dimensions: 165 x 100 x 50 mm
Weight in Case: 1.1 kg
Operating Temperature: 10°C - 40°C
Storing Temperature: 0°C - 80°C
Humidity: 0 - 90% non condensing
Display Update Rate: 0.3 seconds

MF300B+ Kit Includes:

  • MF300B+ Magnetic flux meter
  • Flux B Probe
  • Red Carrying Case
  • Calibration Certificate

The MF300B+ includes a 12 month warranty

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