Doppler Scanners

Doppler Scanners

Ultrasonic Scanners for All Shapes and Sizes of Corrosion, Welding and Thickness Inspection



Doppler offers a wide range of Scanners for all kinds of corrosion, welding and thickness testing in any size or shape you need. Whether you're inspecting large pipes, small pipes, spiral welds, flat butt welds or more, be ensured that no matter the requirements we have the right scanner for the job at

GECKO Scanner

Automated Crawler Scanner

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  • Automatic Control
  • Laser tracking along welds
  • Supports corrosion, welding and thickness testing
  • Available with battery supported onsite storage tank

CRS Series Scanners


Bracelet Scanner that can perform rapid detection on small diameter pipes with weld on both sides

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Chain Scanner used to inspect girth welding of pipes OD 0.8"(20mm) to 4.5"(114.3mm), with optional one or two chains

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Chain Scanner for small pipes featuring narrow chains with a width of only 1.3"(34mm) for limited clearance situations

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Easy to operate chain scanner for use on mid to small diameter butt girth welds with a range of OD 2"-19.7"(50-500mm)

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DSC & ENC Series Scanners


Corrosion or material inspection scanner for large pipes and plates, can use 64 or 128 elements Phased Array probe

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Multi-functional automated scanner that can use optional probes to perform corrosion or girth welding inspection

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Corrosion or material inspection scanner for large pipes and plates, can use 5L32 Phased Array probe

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Simple and convenient Wheel Encoder mainly used with single PA probes for pipe and plate weld inspection

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FC Series Scanners


PA + TOFD Scanner suitable for pipe butt weld inspection with a diameter over 6"(150mm) and flat butt weld inspection

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Versatile PA + TOFD Scanner with two foldable horizontal bars to adjust curvature and more

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Based on the FC-02 model with an additional 1-4 probe clamps for a maximum of 8 PA or TOFD probes

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XY Dual-axis Automated Scanner that can be used for automatic detection of composite, aluminum and steel plates

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FS Series Scanners


Flexible small pipe corrosion detection with only the water jacket needing replaced for different pipe diameters

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Corrosion detection of small diameter pipes, OD 1.6"~6"(40mm~150mm), using a PA concave probe & tubular water jacket

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Elbow Corrosion Scanner for OD 4"(102mm) and above, only needs the water jacket replaced for different diameters

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MOS Series Scanners


Mouse Type pipe girth welds and plate butt welds scanner for inspection of circumferential above Φ 3.9"(100mm)

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Comfortable operation Mouse Type scanner designed for inspection of TKY Conner Welds with a single PA Probe

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PA/TOFD Dual Probes Mouse Type for bilateral simultaneous inspection of plate butt welds. Includes a laser guide

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Chain Scanner for welds on large pipes, diameters 8"-50"(203mm-1270mm). Easy to operate with 2 PA and 2 TOFD probes

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Pipe seat weld scanner suitable for welding seam detection with nozzle at 90°. Automatic and Manual versions available

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Simple Scanner for pipeline and plate corrosion detection. Suitable for pipes greater than or equal to OD 6"(150mm)

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Adjustable Mouse-like dual probes scanner mainly used for spiral welded pipe inspection, Dual PA or TOFD inspection on Axial or Girth welding and flat butt welding.

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Cobra Scanner Encoder

  • Size: L35.7*W22.2*H12
  • IP Level: 66
  • Resolution: 52 step/mm
  • Operation Temperature: -10°C~50°C

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