Dakota Ultrasonics UMX-2

Dakota Ultrasonics UMX-2

Underwater Thickness Gauge

Dual and Single Element Underwater Measuring

The UMX-2 is an underwater material and coating thickness gauge, designed for offshore inspections and rated to a depth of 1000 feet (300 meters). The UMX-2 is very versatile, offering both Dual & Single element transducers. Equipped with multiple measurement mode options, the UMX-2 will meet all your application requirements. Onboard 5,000 point data logger, all UMX-2 settings stored for each measurement, along with an actual A-Scan waveform. The DakView PC or MAC OSX software makes this a very functional kit.


  • Powered by a 100MHz DSP platform using FPGA technology
  • Two Channels – Dual pulsers and receivers
  • Up to 140Hz pulse repetition rate
  • Display update rate of 25 times per second
  • Adjustable gain settings – vlow, low, med, hi, vhi
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Time corrected gain (TCG)
  • Massive data storage (32 Megabit of non-volatile RAM)
  • Automatic: probe zero and probe recognition
  • Data storage formats: Alpha numeric grid and sequential w/auto identifier
  • Windows PC software included
  • 3 year limited warranty

Pulse-Echo Mode (P-E)

Pulse-Echo (P-E) Mode measures from the surface to the back-wall echo. It is used on bare material to determine wall loss on corroded, eroded and pitted materials. When measuring through a coating the measurement will include an error due to the coating thickness x 2-3 because of the difference in sound velocity between the coating and test material.

1. Couplant   3. Testing Material

Echo-Echo (E-E) Mode

Echo-Echo (E-E) Mode measures from the back-wall echo to its multiple-echo and eliminates the error due to the coating. Measurements can only be made on materials that have parallel surfaces as the multiple-echo will disappear if the back-wall is corroded or pitted.

1. Couplant   2. Coating   3. Test Material

Pulse-Echo-Coating (PECT) Mode - Coating On

Measures Thru-Coating, detects pitting and measures when Echo-Echo (E-E) mode fails. PECT is a unique method that provides the benefits of Pulse-Echo (P-E) and Echo-Echo (E-). Measure coated material without errors caused by the coating while being able to measure on materials with corroded and pitted back-walls.

1. Couplant  2. Coating  3. Testing Material

Technical Specifications

UMX-2 Specifications

Measurement Modes
Dual Element Probes Pulse-Echo (P-E): Coating Off
Pulse-Echo Coating (PECT): Coating On
Echo-Echo (E-E): Thru-Paint
Single Element Probes Triple-Echo (TCG): Thru-Paint
Pulser: Dual square wave pulsers
Receiver: Dual receivers – manual or AGC gain control with 110dB range (limited)
Timing: 25 MHz TCXO with single shot 100 MHz 8 bit ultra low power digitizer
Pulse-Echo Mode (P-E) Range (Pit&Flaw Detection) measures from 0.025 19.999 inches (0.63 to 500 millimeters)
Pulse-Echo Coating Mode (PECT) Range (Material, Coating, Pit & Flaw Detection): Material: 0.025 to 19.999 inches (0.63 to 500 millimeters). Coating: 0.001 to 0.100 inches (0.01 to 2.54 millimeters)
Echo-Echo Mode (E-E) Range Thru Paint & Coatings) measures from 0.100 to 4.0 inches (2.54 to 102 millimeters). Range will vary +/- depending on the coating
Triple-Echo Mode (TCG) Range Thru Paint&Coatings) measures from 0.040 to 6.0 inches (1 to 150 millimeters) in steel. Range will vary based on coating thickness, material type, and probe
Resolution +/- .001 inches (0.01 mm)
Velocity Range .0492 to .5510 in./µs 1250 to 13995 meters/sec
Units English & Metric

8 fixed and 1 programmable Material Velocities (in/µs)

1. Aluminum 2024 – .251
2. Steel 4340 – .233
3. Stainless Steel 302 – .223
4. Iron – .232
5. Cast Iron – .180
6. PVC – .094
7. Polystyrene – .092
8. Polyurethane- .070
9. Custom User


1.5 lbs (0.680kg) – with 3 AA batteries


Length (9.0 in/229 mm)
Diameter (2.375 in/60.33 mm)

Operating Temperature -20° to 140°F (-29° to 60°C)
Keyboard Single button, magnetically coupled switch
Underwater Case High strength transparent plastic housing. Depth rating of 1000 feet (300 meters)
Data Output Bi-directional RS232 serial port, with USB converter. Windows® PC interface software
Power Source
Three 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiCad AA cells
Continuous operation
Backlight Off: Typically operates for 50 hours on alkaline and 15 hours on NiCad
Backlight On: Typically operates for 15 hours on alkaline and 8 hours on Nicad
Auto power off if idle 5 min
Battery status displayed on power up
Segmented Displays

4.5 Digit LCD – Primary Measurement display

6 Character LCD – Display menu options

Dimensions 1/2in (12.7mm) 4.5 digit LCD display
3/8in (9.5mm) 6 alpha LCD display
Repeatability Bar Graph Bar graph indicates stability of reading
Both displays backlit (on/off/auto)
Data Logger (Internal)
File Formats Grid (alphanumeric)
Sequential (auto identifier)
Programming Storage capacity of 1 file template. Size and dimension specified by the user
Storage Capacity 5,000 readings, settings, and waveform graphics
Memory 32 megabit non-volatile ram
Auto Probe Zero Applies to dual element probes only
Transducer Types

Dual Element 1 to 10 MHz frequency range. Custom auto recognition probes. (flaw & pit detection)

Single Element 1 to 10MHz frequency range (general purpose)

LEMO underwater connectors

Cable Length Standard 4 foot cable
Custom Custom transducers and cable lengths available for special applications
Certification and Warranty
Certification Factory calibration: traceable to national standards.
IP68 rating
Warranty 3 Year Limited

Kit Includes

UMX-2 Includes

  • Unit
  • Standard Dual Element Transducer (5 MHz x 1/2", Top Mounted, Potted Cable)
  • Couplant
  • Manual
  • Plastic Carrying Case
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • AA Batteries
  • PC Software
  • Data Transfer Cables included with Data Logging & programmable gauges
  • UMX Series includes spare gaskets and lubrication set. Z-185-0001

Includes 3 Year Limited Warranty

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Dakota UMX-2 Kit Includes: Unit, Standard Transducer (5 MHz x 1/2"), Couplant, Manual, Plastic Carrying Case, Certificate of Calibration & AA Batteries. PC Software & Data Transfer Cables included w/ Data Logging & Programmable Gauges. 3 yr. warranty UT-DU-Z-185-0001 $3,800.00
Dakota Ultrasonics Dual Element Underwater Transducer for UMX-2, 5 MHz x 1/2", Potted Cable, Top Mounted UT-DU-T-074-2906 $605.00
Dakota Ultrasonics Dual Element Underwater Transducer for UMX-2, 3.5 MHz x 1/2", Potted Cable, Top Mounted UT-DU-T-074-9906 $605.00
Dakota Ultrasonics Single Element Membrane Underwater Transducer for UMX-2, 2.25 MHz x 1/2", Top Lemo UW Connector UT-DU-T-9441-1809 $605.00
Dakota Ultrasonics Single Element Membrane Underwater Transducer for UMX-2, 5 MHz x 1/2", Top Lemo UW Connector UT-DU-T-9441-2809 $605.00
Dakota Ultrasonics UMX-2 Nylon Wrist Strap & Safety Cable UT-DU-F-185-0012 $20.00