Kowotest Kowospot X Pin Hole Camera

Kowotest Kowospot X Pin Hole Camera

Digital Pin Hole Camera According to ASTM E1165-20 and EN 12543 – 2


The Kowospot X is a fully digital, stand-alone pin hole camera that can quickly measure focal spot sizes. This new digital version of the Kowospot Camera consists of the the analogue version with a Digital Detector Array (DDA) and a complete, easy to use software package.

Designed in a modular system (module length 150 mm), allowing measurements of focal spots sizes from 5 mm down to 50 μm compliant with actual standards. This modular design allows you to build any required combination or even a later upgrade the Kowospot with various elements.



  • Measures (ASTM E1165-20 or EN12543-2) within a few seconds
  • Complete kit supplied, only a PC with Windows is required
  • Can store images and results as .tif and .cvs files. Repeated measurements are stored in the same .cvs file for focal spot evaluation over the lifetime of the X-Ray tube 
  • DDA can perform about 6000 focal spot measurements and can be easily replaced
  • High Resolution and Efficiency with a 20µm pixel size and special scintillator
  • Included software provides Easy to use evaluation and auto exposure function (no expert required)
  • Modular design - fits focal spots from 100µm up to >4mm (FS 0 to FS 17); may be extended to smaller focal spots with restrictions in precision due to pin hole size

Software Features

  • Automatic calibration of detector when plugged in
  • Automatic evaluation of exposure time (1s-16s)
  • Image integration for high SNR
  • Automatic calculation of system pixel size
  • Free style tube descriptor and Serial Number
  • Scatter reduction with improved background subtraction
  • Results are stored in images and sheet
  • Already captured images can be re-evaluated
  • Image size (Zoom) and gray value scaling adjustable

Technical Specifications

Digital Detector Array (DDA) Specifications

  • 20µm pixel (32µm SRb detector) with structured scintillator
  • CMOS sensor protected with fiber glass shielding
  • Active area 1500 x 1000 pixel
  • USB connection - may be extended to 6.5m

Model Part Number
ASTM E1165 – > 2.0 mm, EN – > 2.0 mm, magnification 1:1 – pinhole 100 µm 11 01021
ASTM E1165 – 0.8 … 2.0 mm, EN – 1.0…2.0 mm, magnification 3:1 – pinhole 100 µm 11 01023
ASTM E1165 – 0.3 … 0.8 mm, EN – 0.3…1.0 mm, magnification 3:1 – pinhole 30 µm 11 01025
ASTM E1165 – 0.05 … 0.3 mm, EN – 0.1…0.3 mm, magnification 3:1 – pinhole 10 µm 11 01027
ASTM E1165 – 0.05 … 0.3 mm, EN – 0.1… 0.3 mm, magnification 4:1 – pinhole 10 µm 11 01028

Kit Includes

Kowospot X Kit Includes

  • Kowospot X Detector Element with Digital Detector Array (DDA)
  • Profile Elements
  • Pinhole Element with Pinhole
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Kowospot Software on USB Flash Drive
Main Elements & Optional/Spare Parts

Main Elements
Part Part Number
B100 Element, Pin Hole Diaphragm, 100 μm 11 01032
B30 Element, Pin Hole Diaphragm, 30 μm 11 01033
B10 Element, Pin Hole Diaphragm, 10 μm 11 01034
V1 Element, Extension, 150 mm 11 01035
V2 Element, Extension, 300 mm 11 01036
EF Element, X-Ray Film/ Imaging Plate 11 01037
ED Element, DDA - CMOS Detector with Software, USB extension 5 m 11 01039
Optional/Spare Parts
Part Part Number
A_... Adapter for X-Ray Tube Head large variety available 11 010
USB extension cable - spare 5 m long 11 01047
CMOS area image sensor - spare 20 μm, 20x30 mm, cable 1.5 m 11 01048
KowoSpot Software - separate on USB flash drive 11 01049

Purchasing Considerations

  • A tube adapter is required for proper fitting to X-ray tube. Please specify make and model of x-ray tube when submitting a quote request.

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