Maurer Magnetic M-Test LL Gauss Meter

Maurer Magnetic M-Test LL Gauss Meter

Measure residual magnetism quickly and reliably


Measure residual magnetism quickly and reliably

The Maurer M-Test LL Teslameter (Gauss Meter) was specially developed for simple, reproducible measurement of residual magnetism. Thanks to the quick-responding LED on the probe tip, even fine-pole fields on the component can be reliably measured. In addition, the maximum value of the north and south pole is automatically saved and displayed.



  • Fast detection of even the smallest amounts of residual magnetism with LED indication
  • Automatic storage of maximum values for north and south pole
  • High quality aluminum housing with color touch screen and reset for maximum values
  • Selectable units: Gauss, A/cm, mT
  • Measuring Range: +/-200 Gauss (or +/-160 A/cm, +/-20mT)
  • Measures the smallest magnetic fields due to the short distance between the sensor and probe surface



  • AC and DC-Field measuring*
  • AC Peak and RMS selection
  • Digital zero adjustment
  • Temperature compensated sensor - no drifting
  • Accu status indicator
  • Battery life up to 7 hours
  • Integrated analog interface
  • For use in laboratory, development and production

*The AC-Field measurement is intended as a rough estimation of the magnetic field (e.g. exposure in people). 
The basic configuration has an analog output. With an optional USB interface, the measured values can be reviewed on a PC. Software included.

Technical Specifications

Range in magnetic DC field

Gauss: +/– 200 Gauss
A/cm: +/– 160 A/cm
mT: +/– 20 mT


Gauss: 0.1 Gauss
0.1 A/cm
mT: 0.01 mT

LED Threshold

Gauss: ca. +/– 2.1 Gauss
ca. +/– 1.7 A/cm
mT: ca. +/– 0.21 mT

Analog Output

+/– 1.4V of full scale

Accuracy in homogenous DC field

1% of full scale, +/– 1 Digit

Frequency range in AC field

Approx. 15 Hz to approx. 5 kHz

Sensor type M-Test LLP 0.5

Transversally mounted Hall effect sensor, temperature compensated, no drift

Measuring Distance

0.5 mm distance from Hall effect sensor to probe surface

Polarity indication on LED

Red = north pole, green = south pole, orange = measuring range exceeded or alternating field

Automatic switch-off

15 min on battery

Battery type / charging time

Lithium Polymer battery, 2 cells / approx. 6-7 hrs. charging time

Battery life

Approx. 7 hrs.

Probe cable

Oil resistant spiral cable, stretched 6.56' (2m)

Dimensions of indication device

6.5" x 4.2" x 1.3" (166 x 34 x 106mm)

Dimensions of probe

2.8" x 0.5" x 0.14" (70 x 12 x 3.5mm protruding from handle)

Dimensions of sensor

0.35" x 0.12" x 2.80" (9 x 3 x 71mm)

Probe and indicator weight / Shipping weight

1.1 / 2.2 lbs (500 / 1000g)

Kit Includes

Standard M-Test LL Instrument Kit

  • M-Test LL Instrument
  • Probe
  • Spiral cable to connect the probe
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • Operating Manual
  • Soft Storage case
Additional Options

  • Calibration certificate for documenting traceability to national standards
  • USB interface with software
  • Adapter for measuring distance of 2.0mm
  • Reference magnet
  • Instrument case
  • Mini Zero Gauss Chamber for Zeroing Probe free of external influences
  • Zero Gauss chamber 17" or 21" for residual magnetism measuring

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
M-Test LL Kit, includes Instrument and LLP 0.5 Probe DE-MM-T-MTESTKIT $1,750.00
M-Test LL indicating device DE-MM-T-00001 $1,395.00
Probe M-Test LLP 0.5 DE-MM-T-00018 $775.00
USB Interface M-Test LL including software DE-MM-T-00030 $450.00
Reference Magnet M-Test MKIII DE-MM-T-00080 $325.00
Adapter Reference Magnet M-Test LL DE-MM-T-00080-3 $55.00
Calibration certificate for documenting traceability to national standards DE-MM-DL50 $495.00
Mini Zero Gauss Chamber DE-MM-T-0070 $475.00