MicroSet Forming Putty

MicroSet Forming Putty

Two Part, High Viscosity Compound for Macroscopic Molding of Surface Geometry


Microset Products Ltd manufacture high-resolution replication materials for engineering inspection. We supply to the Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil, Gas and Marine engineering industries. Microset 121 Forming Putty is a two-part, high viscosity, synthetic rubber compound designed for macroscopic molding of surface shape and form. The product is supplied in two versions, fast curing 121F and slow curing 121S to facilitate ease of use over a wide range of temperatures. Typical applications include surface damage and surface finish assessment, quality control of internal surfaces and dimensions, crack detection and metallography. Microset materials are used where conventional NDT methods are impractical.

Replicating with Microset Putty

The two components, Part A (yellow) and Part B (blue), are mixed in equal amounts by hand, until the compound is of a uniform color. The mixed compound is then pressed firmly onto the area of interest and left to cure. Additional amounts of putty can be applied to build up thickness or increase the area of coverage. The mixed compound cures to form a hard but flexible rubber.

Rigid Backing

One important use of Microset 121 putty is for producing a rigid backing for the more flexible Microset 101 replicating compounds. In order to use this putty in this way, first produce a Microset 101 replica of the area of interest. Allow the replica to cure but do not remove it from the surface. Apply mixed 121 putty to the back of the Microset 101 replica to the required thickness and allow to cure. The putty will bond to the Microset 101 replica and act as a dimensional support.

Microset 101 Info

Fatigue pitting on a gear tooth surface SEM x100

Replica Examination

When viewed microscopically under coaxial illumination, Microset replicas have a bright metallic appearance, allowing detail such as microstructure, micro-cracking and pitting to be observed at high magnifications. These characteristics make Microset replication ideal for the assessment of defects on critical engineering surfaces. Microset replicas can be examined using various techniques including: Microscopy, Stereo Macroscopy, 3D Infinite Focus Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, White Light Interferometry, Shadowgraph Measurement and 3D Laser Measurement.

8400K Optical Depth Measuring Micrometer

The 8400K is a portable inspection microscope with depth measurement capability. It quickly and accurately measures the depth of surface damage, is easy to operate, portable and durable. The 8400K Optical Micrometer Kit, when used in conjunction with Microset compounds, provide a quick and convenient method of obtaining precise measurements of damage in hard to reach places.

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Technical Specifications

121F and 121S Specifications

Microset Grade Working Life @ 25 °C Cure Time @ 25 °C Key Features Typical Applications
121F 3 min 10 min Fast curing, high viscosity, two part putty, mixed and applied by hand Molding and measurement of surface profiles and geometry. Use in low or room temperature conditions where rapid results are required
121S 20 min 60 min Slow curing, high viscosity, two part putty, mixed and applied by hand Molding and measurement of surface profiles and geometry. Particularly useful for higher ambient temperature conditions or when molding large areas
General Specifications
Resolution 10 microns
Shelf Life 24 months
Cured Hardness 77 Shore A
Shrinkage Less than 0.1%
Color Part A – Yellow, Part B – Blue, Mixed – Green
Useable Temperature Range 14 to 302 °F (-10 to 150 °C)
Specific Gravity 1.15g/cm3
Packaging 500g Kit (250g Tub Part A + 250g Tub Part B)
2kg Kit (1kg Tub Part A + 1kg Tub Part B)

Purchasing Guide

Purchasing Guide

Photo Description Part Number

Microset Putty 121F 500gm Kit

Fast curing


Microset Putty 121S 500gm Kit

Slow curing


Microset Putty 121F 2kg Kit

Fast curing


Microset Putty 121S 2kg Kit

Slow curing

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Microset Forming Putty 121F Grade, Model FPF2000 - Parts A/B (2kg) MS-FPF2000 $361.00
Microset Forming Putty 121F Grade, Model FPF500 - Parts A/B (500gm) MS-FPF500 $101.00
Microset Forming Putty 121S Grade, Model FPS2000 - Parts A/B (2kg) MS-FPS2000 $361.00
Microset Forming Putty 121S Grade, Model FPS500 - Parts A/B (500gm) MS-FPS500 $101.00