LCNDT DT-100 Portable Digital Densitometer

LCNDT DT-100 Portable Digital Densitometer

Superior Inspection in the Palm of Your Hand


The LCNDT DT-100 is a robust, easy-to-use portable digital densitometer for measuring the transmission density of x-ray film that has been designed for use in mobile darkrooms, laboratories and offices. The DT-100 has an extremely wide light range of 650 Cd/m2 to 320,000 Cd/m2, has a density measuring range of 0D to 5.0D, and an accuracy of within 0.03D over an aperture of 3mm in diameter.

The user simply places the film on the viewer (emulsion side up), places the probe on the film where the reading is required, and the reading appears on the 4-digit LCD screen with a white light illuminated display. The DT-100 also comes complete with its own battery in a sturdy portable smart bag, ready to use right out of the box.


  • Small size makes the DT-100 very portable
  • Can measure 0.0D - 5.0D Density film
  • High accuracy: ±0.03D (over an aperture of 3mm in diameter)
  • No warm-up time - instant on/off
  • Program Mode for custom calibration
  • Extremely wide light range: 650 Cd/m2 - 320,000 Cd/m2
  • Light-illuminated 4-digit LCD display with low battery indicator
  • Long life due to its low power consumption
  • Rugged design, whole alloy aluminum

*Note: Self-calibrate to a certified density step tablet prior to use

Technical Specifications

DT-100 Specifications

Range 650 Cd/m2 - 320,000 Cd/m2
Density 0.0D - 5.0D (for best results, use in combination with LCNDT FV Series LED film viewers)
Optical Aperture 3mm diameter
Probe Temperature Compensated
Display 4-digit LCD
Accuracy ±0.03 D
Resolution 0.01 D
Repeatability 0.02 D
Custom Calibration Range -0.19D ~ +0.19D (Program Mode)
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Power Supply (AA/1.5V) x2 - Alkaline Battery
Battery Life 1200 hours (continuous duty without illumination)
Dimensions 6.30" x 2.56" x 0.91" (160mm x 65mm x 23mm)
Weight 0.57 lbs (260g)

Kit Includes

DT-100 Instrument Kit

  • DT-100 Portable Digital Densitometer
  • Alkaline Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Test Report
  • Carrying Case
  • Warranty: 5 years parts, 1 year labor

  • (optional) AGFA Density Strip, 15-step, certified (RT-AGFA-3UEPB)


  • AGFA Density Film Strip (PN RT-AGFA-3UEPB)
    • 15 Steps
    • Range: less than 0.20 to great than 4.0
  • BAM Density Step Tablet (PN RT-KT-13-40205)
    • 15 Steps
    • Range: less than 0.20 to great than 5.0

Density Step Tablets

The DT-100 Include a 5 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor Warranty

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
LCNDT DT-100 Portable Digital Densitometer RT-LC-DT100 $1,295.00
AGFA Density Film Strip, 15-step, Certified RT-AGFA-3UEPB $162.00
Kowotest BAM 15 Step Density Tablet, Calibrated and Traceable to NIST, > 0.2 to > 5.0 D RT-KT-13-40205 $450.00