Hocking Wheelscan MK IV

Hocking Wheelscan MK IV


Note: This product has been discontinued, the replacement is:

ETher VeeScan H

Hocking WheelScan MK IV - Discontinued

Automatic Eddy Current Aircraft Wheel Inspection

WheelScan MK IV is designed to meet the need for fast, automated inspection of aircraft wheels.

Traditionally, aircraft wheel inspection has been time consuming and difficult, with the only opportunity to inspect occuring during wheel refurbishment and tyre changes. As an inspector you have to be confident that very small flaws will be reliably detected, as failure to do so could be dangerous.

To maintain high safety standards and detect microscopic flaws in a cost-effective manner, inspections have to be automated and take place at speeds the productivity of your wheelshop demands. Manual inspection does not offer the combination of speed and accuracy needed, only automatic equipment gives reliable detection at high speeds. Hocking eddy current technology enables the detection of cracks on and just below the wheel surface that may be invisible to the naked eye and other non-destructive testing techniques.

Rapid performance and comprehensive coverage, the WheelScan MK IV is a high performance, fully automated aircraft wheel inspection machine designed to detect cracks and corrosion in wheel half-hubs. It employs eddy current technology through its field-proven WheelScan E instrument and reduces inspection time to approximately two minutes per half-hub, inspecting over 100 half-hubs per day. WheelScan MK IV can lift wheels weighing up to 200kg (440 lbs.) with diameters up to 830mm (32.6"). WheelScan MK IV uses a systematic and rapid approach to wheel inspection:

Wheel half-hub arrives at the machine on the integral conveyor and is raised and rotated on the electrically operated ram.

The operator can set the wheel rotation speed and test the helix. The probe entry and exit heights are set according to the inspection standard. The RS232 port will allow these settings to be stored and set by a PC.

The probe is automatically calibrated and brought to the half-hub, where it tracks the precise profile of the wheel from the programmed start height to the programmed end height.

The probe sweeps out a helical scan pattern on the wheel surface over the area set by the operator. The test parameters can be varied. The inspection result is printed out alongside a channel showing the lift-off (paint thickness etc..) and calibration records occur before and after the inspection record.

For a high turnaround, with an extensive reduction in preparation before inspection, WheelScan MK IV measures and records lift-off, which allows the probe to inspect even if it is not in direct contact with the metal. This enables painted wheels to be inspected without stripping.


Details of each inspection are recorded by the WheelScan MK IV's integral two channel chart recorder, providing a hard copy of the results and settings for your service records.

WheelScan MK IV - the eddy current solution to aircraft wheel inspection.

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