Koworase X Multispectral UV CR Plate Erase System

Koworase X Multispectral UV CR Plate Erase System


Erase Burn-In Artifacts

The Koworase X erases burn-in artifacts (i.e. x-ray exposures) from Computed Radiography (CR) phosphor plates with UV radiation. The Koworase X has been tested and proven effective for erasure per ASTM E 07 on Carestream, DURR NDT and GE phosphor imaging plates.

Erasure Process

  • UV light exposes IPs
  • White and Red (and Green) LEDs erase IP signal
  • Burn-In by high contrast X-Ray exposures are overlaid by a flat high dose UV-C exposure (1 minute)
  • Burn-In of X-Ray shadows are reduced
  • Burn-In will not return after several exposures with X-rays or UV-C



  • 20" x 14.5" (500 x 370 mm)

Case Study

Problem: Burn-In of high dosage exposures results in background noise:


After incomplete erasure (1000mR in CRxFlex) with white LEDs:

UV-C exposure after erasure:


  • First trials with 365nm (UV-A) were unsuccessful.
  • Second trial with UV-CCFL spectrum - 254nm (UV-C) worked surprisingly well.


Final Test Results

The final test results summarized using the example of an IPU film:

According to the standard, the gray value difference may be 1%. In the most unfavorable point (with the greatest penetration) 0.5% was measured, machining with one minute at level 1 and 5 minutes at level 2.

Another test showed that the properties of the film (sensitivity) were not influenced by the erasure process.

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Kowotest KOWORASE X Eraser for IP, External RT-KT-12-39050 $6,275.00