Baugh & Weedon Teledictor 4618

Baugh & Weedon Teledictor 4618

Segregator for Quality Control


The Teledictor 4618 is designed for bench top use, and for integration into new or legacy process control systems. The Teledictor can be interfaced to automatic test systems, feed conveyors and sorting gates. The instrument display provides familiar impedance plane plot and allows for independent X and Y gain and detection gate configuration. High speed digital outputs may be interfaced to a PLC or directly to a mechanical segregator. The Teledictor is a single frequency instrument, which is capable of operation in the range 10Hz to 500kHz, although for ferrous product testing low frequencies are typically used.



Typical Applications:

  • Sorting Mixed Materials:
    Segregators can be used for separating most qualities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals at stages of raw material, semi-finished and finished components condition.
  • Cast segregation in steel:
    The Teledictor 4618 is ideal for this application as carbon variations of as little as 0.01% can be detected.
  • Heated Treated Conditions:
    Differences between normalized, hardened and tempered, annealed conditions in steel and solutionized, precipitation and age hardened conditions in non-ferrous metals are detected.
  • Structure:
    Subtle changes in metallurgical structures caused by cooling rates, re-treatment and prolonged thermal treatment can be identified.
  • Hardness:
    Under controlled conditions rapid sorting according to hardness is possible without preparation.
  • Case Depth:
    Depth of induction hardening and, in some cases, carburizing, carbo-nitriding and nitriding can be monitored using the Teledictor.
  • Dimensions:
    Variations in diameter, length and shape of products can be identified but the degree of influence is dependent on the overall dimensions of the product.


Adjustable Thresholds

On-screen monitoring is a feature of the Teledictor 4618. Vertical and horizontal thresholds are displayed as an alarm box on the screen. The edges of the box can be adjusted so that spot deflection from the acceptable products will fall inside the box, whilst those from the rejects will be indicated outside the box.

The display incorporates a pass/fail indicator to highlight the condition of each product passing through the test coil. The indicator will illuminate ‘Green' to indicate acceptable products and rejects will illuminate ‘Red'. The Teledictor display indicates the number of parts that have failed and passed testing. The counters may be reset by the user. Test alarms can be configured with user defined time persistence.

The display incorporates a pass/fail indicator to highlight the condition of each product passing through the test coil. The indicator will illuminate ‘Green' to indicate acceptable products and rejects will illuminate ‘Red'. Opto-isolated outputs are enabled for each measurement, indicating the status of the test result. The relevant information is available via solid state outputs for operating sorting mechanisms and two counters register the number of accepted and rejected components.


Automatic Sorting Systems

Sorting Bridges are available to "fit" with your inspection and manufacturing processes.

As a product is passed through the test coil, the instrument compares the signal given with the pre-set monitor levels and retains the information on the condition of the product. This information is used to set the sorting gates of automatic systems to the correct positions.

The opto-isloated outputs of the Teledictor may be interfaced directly to a mechanical component segregator or to a PLC depending on the requirements and complexity of the system.

Technical Specifications

Teledictor 4618 Specifications

Connectors Sensor Coils 2 off - 6 way Amphenol
l/O (Output) 1 off - 4 way Amphenol
Frequency Frequency Range 10Hz - 500kHz
Gain Overall -18 to 104dB
Main Gain -18 to 82dB, 0.1, 1 and 6dB steps
Input (Pre-Amp) 0dB or 12dB
Max X/Y Ratio -18dB to 82dB independent
Phase Range 0.0 - 359.9°, 0.1° steps
Filters Normal High Pass DC to 2kHz or Low Pass Filter, whichever is the lower in 1 Hz steps. Plus variable adaptive balance drift compensation 0.01 - 0.5 Hz (6 steps).
Normal Low Pass 1 Hz to 2kHz or a quarter of the lowest test frequency whichever is lower in 1 Hz steps.
Alarm Gates Box 4 zones
Display Type 5.7" (145mm), 18 bit color, daylight readable
Viewable Area 4.5" (115.2mm) x 3.4" (66.4mm)
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Color Schemes User configurable Dark, Bright and Black & White
Removable Data Storage Set-up Storage Micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 settings
Stored Screen Shots Micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 screen shots
Recorded Data Micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 500 2.5 minute long data recordings
Guides Micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 slides
Advanced Features Guides Create a slide show containing instructions, tutorials & procedures using MS PowerPoint.
Attachments Screenshots and Data Recordings are saved in a folder with the name of the Settings
Inputs / Outputs PC Connectivity Mini USB (Full PC remote control plus Real Time data)
VGA Full 15 way VGA output
Sorter Control 4 off Opto-isolated Outputs, 1 off Opto-isolated input
Languages   English, French
Power of Self-Test   The system performs a self-test on start-up of external RAM, SD RAM, accelerometer, Micro SD card, LCD screen buffer
Power External Nominal 24V (18-36V DC), 2.5A - 30 Watts
Physical Weight 7.25 lbs. (3.3 kg)
Dimensions 9.9" x 6.0" x 9.9" (250 x 153 x 250 mm)
Operating Temp. -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
Storage Temp. Storage for up to 12 months. -4° to 95°F (-20° to 35°C). Nominal 68°F (20°C)
Teledictor 4618 Segregator Interface

Output Type Opto-isolators
Maximum Switching Current 100mA DC
Minimum Response Time 24ms
Compatible Output Devices B&W sorting bridge, PLC
B&W Mechanical Segregator Specification

Input Logic Low 0 V
Input Logic High 24 V
Input Ports 1
Output Ports 3
Actuation Type Double acting rotary pneumatic (>6 Bar)
Maximum Component Size 1.2" (30mm) diameter
Maximum Sorting Rate 2/sec

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