LED HP4 High Intensity, Focusing, UV-A Flashlight

LED HP4 High Intensity, Focusing, UV-A Flashlight

Ultra High Intensity, Focusing Spot, Ultraviolet LED Flashlight. Replaces the HP3

As Bright as Micro-Discharge Lamps That Cost Twice as Much

The HP4 is an LED UV lamp that is unique in regards to its ability to produce highly focusable UV light up to 100'. This allows inspection of large areas in difficult to access locations. At 15", the HP4 has a brightness of 48,000 µW/cm2, making it one of the brightest LED UV lamps available. It uses typical D size batteries, simplifying replacement and saving time. This ruggedly built lamp is rated at 11 years of continuous use.


  • 48,000 µW/cm² at 15 inches with focused beam, 4,000µW/cm2 at 6 feet
  • High Intensity 365 nm Long Wave UV
  • Low White Light Emission - less than 2 ft. candles
  • The LED-HP4+ is easily focused to a high intensity spot that varies from a diameter of 2 1/2" at 1 foot to 3 1/2" at 5 feet
  • Adjustable spot focus
  • Rugged design, built on MagLite body, machined aluminum case
  • Operates with regular "D" cell batteries for 12+ hours
  • Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance
  • O-ring sealed for water resistance
  • Scratch resistant quartz filter that reduces white light and boosts UV output
  • Focused beam projects significant distance
  • No heat generation
  • High Intensity
  • Rated for 11 years of continuous use! You'll never need a replacement bulb
  • Individually serialized
  • Mercury free
  • The unfocused beam is ring shaped allowing it to be used for the illumination of tube I.D.'s



Typical Applications

  • NDT - Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Contamination
  • Forensics - crime site investigation
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Chemical Detection (Organic / Inorganic substance)
  • Medical applications
  • Photo-catalytic reactions
  • UV Air Purifier
  • High-resolution optics
  • UV activated applications
  • Lighting

Ideal for

  • Illuminating localized areas such as weld seams at a distance
  • Inside of pipes and tubes
  • Tank and boiler inspections
  • Leak testing and oil contamination

Kit Includes

HP4 Kit Includes

  • LED UV Flashlight with Quartz Filter

  • Three D Batteries

  • UV Goggles

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