Wolf Thermometers

Wolf Thermometers

Wolf Thermometers


Dial Floating Thermometer:

  • Calibrated from 0° - 140°F.
    • Made of stainless steel with a cup for floating in the tank.

      Glass Floating Thermometer:

      • Floats in the developing tank.
        • It is calibrated from 0° - 100°F.

          Stainless Steel Thermometer:

          • It has a hook for hanging on the tank.
            • It is calibrated for accuracy between 20° - 150°F.

              Digital Thermometer:

              • Runs on a standard watch battery (included) and comes with a lifetime warranty.
                • Registers temperatures of -40° - 300°F.
                  • Place the thermometer in the solution and press the button. The temperature is digitally displayed on a LCD.

                    Note: Manufacturer minimum order size is $75.00. All orders under the $75 minimum requirement will be charged the difference and will be noted on the order.

                      Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
                      Dial Floating Thermometer RT-WO-18903 $48.00
                      Glass Floating Thermometer RT-WO-18904 $12.00
                      Stainless Steel Thermometer RT-WO-18905 $19.00
                      Digital Thermometer RT-WO-19107 $57.00