Magnaflux NiCr Test Panels

Magnaflux NiCr Test Panels

Twin Test Panels for Checking Comparative Penetrant System Performance


NiCr test pieces for liquid penetrant inspection will help you maintain your PT testing process by verifying penetrant sensitivity and performance. Use to check for penetrant deterioration, to compare different penetrants or to verify sensitivity or visibility. NiCr Test Panels are ideal penetrant sensitivity comparators. They come in pairs, with panel set crack depths available in 20 microns. Having matched pairs enables "in use" penetrants to be compared against "new, unused" penetrants, in order to determine if the penetrants are performing properly. The panels are ideal for monitoring fluorescent penetrant (ZYGLO) lines.

Technical Specifications

NiCr Panel Specifications

Length 100mm +/- 2mm
Width 35mm +/- 2mm
Thickness 2mm +/- 0.2mm
Plating / Flaw Depth 20 microns

Specification Compliance

NiCr Panel Compliance

Conforms with:

  • ISO 3452-3 Type1

For use with systems conforming to:

  • AMS 2647D
  • ASTM E1417
  • ISO 3452
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Magnaflux NiCr 20 Micron Panels (One Pair) PT-MX-506252 $2,635.00
Magnaflux NiCr Panel Set (Four Pairs Includes 10, 20,30 50 Microns) PT-MX-184400 Request Pricing
NiCr Type 1 Test Panel Recertification PT-EI-NICR-RECERT $550.00