Magnaflux NiCr Test Panels

Magnaflux NiCr Test Panels

NiCr Panels

The NiCr penetrant test panels are ideal penetrant sensitivity comparators

The panels are available with crack width of 10, 20, 30, and 50 microns and come in matched pairs. Individual crack sizes or a complete kit of all four sizes are available.

Having matched pairs enables "in use" penetrants to be compared against "new, unused" penetrants, in order to determine if the penetrants are performing properly. The panels are ideal for monitoring fluorescent penetrant (ZYGLO) lines.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
NiCr 10 Micron Panels (One Pair) PT-MX-506251 Request Pricing
NiCr 20 Micron Panels (One Pair) PT-MX-506252 $2,244.00
NiCr 30 Micron Panels (One Pair) PT-MX-506253 Request Pricing
NiCr 50 Micron Panels (One Pair) PT-MX-506254 Request Pricing
NiCr Panel Set (Four Pairs Includes 10, 20,30 50 Microns) PT-MX-184400 Request Pricing
NiCr Type 1 Test Panel Recertification PT-EI-NICR-RECERT $550.00