Foundrax Brintronic Brinell Microscopes

Foundrax Brintronic Brinell Microscopes

Foundrax Brintronic Series automatic Brinell microscopes
The Foundrax BRINtronic system offers unrivalled performance for the automatic optical measurement and recording of Brinell indentation diameters. Available in a variety of stand-alone formats or as a fully integrated system in a range of Foundrax machines, it provides a robust and accurate solution to the challenges of Brinell hardness testing .

The BRINtronic system comprises an automatic Brinell microscope system linked to specially developed software that allows the system to accurately and reliably measure indentations, record the results and create a valuable log of test information.

The Brinell microscope is able to optically measure indentation diameters in industrial conditions, with a minimum of surface preparation on the test area, and across a range of materials. It does this in only a few tenths of a second, so the test cycle time is minimised so that productivity is maximised.

The whole testing and recording process is automated so once the test is initiated by the operator, there are no external influences that might compromise the integrity and accuracy of the results.

Stand-alone systems
The following three models are available as separate units:

The BRINtronic-LT in use on the shop floor

Ergonomically designed stainless steel microscope is compact, robust and easy to use

Test surface preparation in seconds using simple hand grinder


BRINtronic automatic Brinell microscope system – the focus on detail
The BRINtronic system provides a complete solution for the measurement and recording of test results and has a number of features that enhance functionality. It can:

  • measure all standard Brinell scales using 2.5 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm indenters (depending on microscope unit).
  • display test results in HBW and mm in tenths of a second
  • provide results to 2 decimal places (HBW) and 4 decimal places (mm) as well as batch mean, standard deviation etc.
  • detect the quality of the surface preparation and warn the operator if required.
  • tolerate all normally prepared industrial surfaces including deep grinding marks as well as mirror finish reference blocks
  • detect ovality according to user settable parameters
  • print out batch summary (batch size, batch mean, standard deviation, no. of high and low rejects), with or without individual test results
  • offer a wide range of user definable parameters and software configurations including multiple data destinations, alternative data save formats, networking facilities, etc
  • Simple icon driven software for ease use provide a user interface in a wide variety of languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, as well as European script


Main test screen showing live and measured images, test results, surface quality and batch statistics

The on-screen menu is both intuitive and easy to use, allowing both batch and single testing if desired. The batch set-up screen is customizable to allow for extra fields such as multiple indentations per component, operator name, customer etc. to allow for greater detail in record keeping. Test reports are available in three formats:

  1. View Batch Report
  2. Direct Printout Report
  3. Data Output Report (.csv or .tsv) In addition the system is fully networkable and can communicate with a remote computer and download/upload batch data if required.

In addition the system is fully networkable and can communicate with a remote computer and download/upload batch data if required.

The BRINtronic system leads the industry for reliability and repeatability.

The software is written and developed by Foundrax; therefore special requirements can be easily accommodated


BRINtronic-equipped machines
The following Brinell hardness testing machines have an integrated BRINtronic system

  • BRIN400D
  • BRINscan MkIII
  • BHD type D radial arm
  • X-BHD type D bridge type
  • All custom-designed models if required

Available Hardness scales

Either one or two of the following:

  • HBW 10/3000
  • HBW 10/1500
  • HBW 10/1000
  • HBW 5/750
  • HBW 10/500
  • HBW 5/250
  • HBW 2.5/187.5
  • HBW 2.5/62.5

The BRINtronic series fully complies with ISO 6506 and ASTM E10