Circle Systems Mi-Glow #778

Circle Systems Mi-Glow #778

Circle Systems Mi-Glow #778

Mi-Glow® 800 fluorescent yellow-green particles premixed with liquid Wetting Agent 771 for use in water media. This advanced formulation allows for superior corrosion protection, wetting and particle mobility. It is designed to be used with black light, to detect very fine discontinuities in finished products. This material is used in the automotive and aerospace industries on finished component parts, where extra corrosion protection is required.

Physical Characteristics:
Forest green solution with a slight detergent odor.

Particle Certification:
Particle Certification Particles meet all relevant industry specifications, including but not limited to MIL-STD-1949, AMS 3044, MIL-STD-271, NAVSEA 250-1500-1, NTR-1E and ASTM E 1444. Certification is included with each shipment.

Particle Color

Particle Size

AMS Standard

SAE Sensitivity*

Temperature Range

Fluorescent Yellow/Green 5 µm 3044 8 32-120°F (0-49°C)


Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Circle Systems Mi-Glow 778 Fluorescent liquid concentrate, 1 gallon bottle MT-CS-FG-3575 $156.00
Circle Systems Mi-Glow #778, 4-1 quart bottles/case MT-CS-FG-3571 Discontinued Item