Maurer RE + DN Bars and Tubes Demagnetizers

Maurer RE + DN Bars and Tubes Demagnetizers

Perfectly suited for demagnetizing rods, bars, and tubes


Production Demagnetizing of Tubes and Bars

Combining new technology with a robust design, the Maurer Magnetic RE + DN Rod and Pipe Demagnetizer offers maximum performance and economy. The RE + DN is designed for continuous use, and has a very high throughput speed of roughly 10' per second (3 m/s). An optional air cooling system also increases performance by 30 % during continuous operation. Altogether, the RE + DN makes for an incredibly efficient demagnetizer that is ideally suited for the tough environment of the factory and mill.

Demagnetizing during continuous material flow


What RE + DN Means for You:

  • Complete saturation of the magnetic material
  • Very high throughput speed means more efficient processes
  • Heavy Duty, for shop floor use
  • Thorough demagnetization of thick, solid material
  • Particularly well suited for tubes, rods, bars, and pipes
  • Remote control enabled with 24V I/O interface
At the end of the rod, the demagnetization process ends with decreasing pulse amplitude




  • Made Specifically for demagnetizing rods, tubes, bars and pipes
  • Demagnetization of semi-finished parts in large quantities
  • Demagnetization after magnetic crack inspection (alternating and direct current crack test)
  • Demagnetization for large-volume production
Demagnetizing efficiently while using 50% - 90% of available coil space


Coil Module RE

The coil of the RE is mounted in a metal casing which prevents heat build-up and leakage fields. 10-ft. (3m) plug-in cables connect the RE Coil Module with the DN Power Module. If necessary, integration into automated process lines is possible through a control interface (which is available by default).

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