Maurer Magnetics A-Test-LT

Maurer Magnetics A-Test-LT

Highly sensitive magnetic field sensor for low magnetic fields.


The Maurer Magnetics A-Test-LT is a highly sensitive magnetic field sensor for low magnetic fields. It detects and tracks magnetic sources in parts manufacturing, metrology or quality and safety. 



Production Technology

  • Detection and tracking of magnetism in the production process
  • Detection of magnetized parts at a distance
  • Monitoring of magnetization processes for duration, intensity and outcome

Automation and Metrology

  • Measurement of magnetic noise and stray flux
  • Identifying sources of interference in the low frequency range
  • Monitoring of demagnetization processes
  • Monitoring of mechanical positions and movements

Quality and Safety

  • Contactless detection of parts interspersed with residual magnetism
  • Independent monitoring of magnetic sources
  • Passive, non-detectable registration of vehicles and ferromagnetic materials

3 Uses for A-Test-LT in Automated Production

Automatic detection of magnetic parts in production Automated monitoring of demagnetization processes Automatic stray field testing of parts after demagnetization
  • Configurable threshold.
    Output type NPN 24VDC
  • Output of analog signal for tracing the exact magnetic stray flux
  • Typical mounting distance to the object around 20 - 100 mm
  • Accurate process monitoring by evaluating the characteristics of the demagnetization (e.g. by an envelope curve)
  • Typical mounting distance to the object around 50 - 500 mm
  • Configurable threshold. 
    Output type NPN 24VDC.
  • Output of an analog signal for tracing the exact magnetic stray flux.
  • Typical mounting distance to the object around 10 - 50 mm

Magnetic single part

Demagnetization process

Demagnetized single part
Magnetic Pipe  
Demagnetized pipe

Technical Specifications

A-Test-LT Specifications

Exterior Dimensions 5.4" x 2.5" x 1.2" (137 x 63 x 31 mm)
Power Supply 24 VDC / M12 normalized sensor plug with 5 pins
Measuring Range Magnetic Field DC (far below magnetic field of earth)
Magnetic Field AC (in the entire low frequency range)
Preferred direction of sensor parallel to the housing length side
Adjustable sensitivity via potentiometer (with respect to 6V reference voltage) Minimum: ~1.55 mT / V; measuring range ~ -5.50 ... 5.50 mT
Maximum: ~0.016 mT / V; measuring range ~ -0.08 ... 0.08 mT
Maximum resolution ~ 10 mV (0.16 μT)
Analog Output Bipolar output with reference voltage for connection of different detection device (oscilloscope etc..)
Output NPN 24VDC (threshold) Configurable threshold with output type NPN, 24VDC, for connection of detection devices
Settings and Parameters 3 potentiometers (sensitivity, threshold, offset) and solder bridge for configuration of 24VDC NPN output
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