Pitco 10K + CD Capacitive Discharge Shooting Box

Pitco 10K + CD Capacitive Discharge Shooting Box

Pitco 10K + CD Capacitive Discharge Magnetic Particle Testing Unit

pitco-cd-shooting box pitco-shooting box

The detection and evaluation of flaws in oil country tubular goods and similar industrial equipment, is most practically accomplished with magnetic particle testing or magnetic flux leakage testing. Both require the creation of a strong magnetic field in the material, with the flux field in proximity to right angles to the flaw.

For 100% inspection, two inspections are required:

  • The use of Shooting Rods (Central Conductors) creates a circular magnetic field, which allows detection of longitudinal flaws.
  • A cable wrap (Solenoid) creates a longitudinal field, which allows for the detection of transverse flaws.


  • Pitco 10K+ CD is specially designed as a practical, high capacity 10,000 Amp capacity discharge unit. It is compact (36" x 14") and can easily be carried by two people. Two digital meters are provided, for monitoring the charge voltage and peak shot current (with a peak hold meter). A Firing Control Pendent with 30 feet of cable is included.
  • Switchable, 6K & 10K Output
  • A full 3.36 farads of capacitance coupled with the long pulse duration, is capable of inducing a circular magnetic field in virtually all OCTG's, with a single shot. An example of this is, a 7 5/8" 39# P-110 drill casing produces 11,500 Amps in 29.8 milliseconds.
  • The CD unit accepts up to 4 positive and 4 negative 4/0 copper shooting cables with cam-lok connectors for safety and long life. Cables come in 30' and 70' lengths. Magnetization of drill casings require a minimum of 3 cables of each length.
  • A 10K+ CD Unit with added pulse function is available at extra cost.
    Description Part # Saved Price Add to
    Pitco 10K Plus CD Box MT-PS-E50285 $18,090.00
    Pitco 10K Plus CD Box with PPM Complete MT-PS-E50317 $19,440.00
    70' Shooting Cable x 2 for tubing x 3 for casing MT-PS-C50299 $770.00
    30' Shooting Cable x 2 for tubing x 3 for casings MT-PS-C50300 $410.00
    Shooting Rod 1.5" x 54' with 3' replaceable ends MT-PS-M1376 $2,540.00
    Shooting Rod 1.25" x 54' with 3' replaceable ends MT-PS-M1098 $2,325.00
    Shooting Rod 1.5" x 3' Replacement Ends MT-PS-MRR160A $200.00
    Shooting Rod 1.25" x 3' Replacement Ends MT-PS-MRR160B $200.00
    Hatchet Clamp Complete (Rod Clamp) Universal Blocks MT-PS-E22469 $310.00