Karl Deutsch Deutrometer 3873 Field Strength Meter

Karl Deutsch Deutrometer 3873 Field Strength Meter

Simple and Convenient with Automatic Measurement of Both Magnetizing Strength and Residual Field Strength

Rugged & User Friendly

The Deutrometer 3873 is a professional instrument that quickly and easily measures magnetic direct and alternating fields in the low frequency range (20 Hz to 500 Hz). It provides simple and convenient field strength measurement and monitoring of limit values. Features an operating mode that recognizes and measures both magnetizing strength and residual field strength immediately one after the other, eliminating the need for switching manually and thus reducing false measurements due to incorrect gauge selections. The simultaneous representation of readings and maximum values as well as the selectable visual and acoustic limit alarm complete the practical qualities of the new gauge.


  • Measuring the tangential field strength during magnetization
  • Measurement of the residual field after demagnetization
  • Can be used as a flux density meter (tesla meter)





  • Measurement parameters: field strength H or induction B (in air)
  • Measuring units: kA/m, A/cm, mT and Gauss
  • With automatic measuring mode for easy and fast measurements
  • 2 selectable display modes: standard indication, bar graph indication for visual monitoring of limits
  • “True RMS” mean values in AC fields
  • Battery-saving illumination, lettering fluoresces under UV light
  • User friendly menu with clear readings
  • Integrated stand
  • Splash-proof housing (IP 54)
  • Meets the requirements of EN ISO 9934-3:2002 chapter 9.3
  • Suitable for testing tasks according to EN ISO 17638 chapter 5.5.2


Operating Modes

  • Measurement of alternating field / direct field (automatic detection)
  • Measurement of alternating field / direct field (automatic detection) with monitoring of limit values
  • Measurement of direct fields (e. g. for residual fields)
  • Measurement of alternating fields (e. g. measurement of magnetization strength)



  • Angled 90° (Order #: 3873.101)
  • Straight (Order #: 3873.201)
  • Angled 90°, for transverse fields (Order #: 3873.301)

When using the device in oily environments, the paraffin resistant probes are recommended:

  • Angled 90°, paraffin resistant (Order #: 3873.111)
  • Straight, paraffin resistant (Order #: 3873.211)

Kit and Accessories

Kit Includes

  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Quality Test Certificate
  • Batteries



  • Zero Field Chamber with field-free space
  • Reference Magnet for checking the instrument

Technical Specifications

Deutrometer 3873 Specifications


LCD, Illuminated

48mm x 24 mm approx.

Display Graphic Capability

128 px x 64 px

Font Height up to 12.5 mm

Measurements Magnetic field strength H and/or induction B (in air) in direct (DC) and alternating fields (AC)
Measuring Ranges

± 80 kA/m or ± 101 mT or ± 1005 G

Measurement Uncertainty: ± 0.01 kA/m ± 2 % (DC), ± 0.05 kA/m ± 4 % (AC)

Measuring Principle Hall Sensor
Measuring Units mT, A/cm, kA/m, Gauss
Measuring Methods DC = measuring of a direct field with information on the polarity of the magnetic field,
AC = mean (True RMS) in an alternating field
Sensor Design 0° or 90° measuring heads, 1 m connection cable, on request: paraffin resistant, weight 45 g
Power Supply 2 pcs. alkali manganese batteries (operating hours: 50 h approx.) or
2 pcs. NiMH rechargeable batteries (operating hours: 30 h approx., if new), type AA/IEC R6
Externally via mains unit or via USB cable from a PC
Battery Check 4-stage battery level indicator, automatic low-limit cut-off
Keyboard 4 keys, lettering fluoresces under UV light
Size 5.23" x 3.18" x 1.25" (133 mm × 81 mm × 32 mm) approx.
Weight 150 g (with batteries, w/o protective rubber holster)

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Karl Deutsch Deutrometer 3873, Field Strength Meter, Including Batteries and Carrying Case (Probe Not Included) MT-KD-3873.001 Request Pricing
Probe for Deutrometer 3873, Angled for 90° (Price Only Valid with Purchase of Instrument) MT-KD-3873.101 Request Pricing
Probe for Deutrometer 3873, Straight (Price Only Valid with Purchase of Instrument) MT-KD-3873.201 Request Pricing
Probe for Deutrometer 3873, Angled for 90°, for Transverse Fields (Price Only Valid with Purchase of Instrument) MT-KD-3873.301 Request Pricing
Reference Magnet for Deutrometer Probes MT-KD-3872.601 Request Pricing
Zero Field Chamber for Deutrometer Probes MT-KD-3872.401 Request Pricing