Lorad LPX Portable X-Ray Systems

Lorad LPX Portable X-Ray Systems

Note: This product has been replaced by the improved SPX Series:

Lorad SPX Portable X-Ray Systems

Lorad LPX Portable X-Ray Systems


Only LORAD systems have this unique combination of features:

End-grounded X-ray tubes
5 (five) 160 kV, 5mA constant potential output
10 (ten) 200 kV, 10mA constant potential output
10 (ten) 300 kV, 10mA constant potential output
100% duty cycle
Beryllium window X-ray tube
Lightweight, gas insulated portable X-ray tubeheads
LORAD's exclusive LaserPointer for pinpoint central X-ray beam targeting
Water and air-cooled models available
Warmup program, test data display, self diagnostics and status display
Automatic adaption to input voltage
Quick and easy maintenance via plug-in printed circuit boards
100 feet of cable for remote operation
Plugs into standard outlet or portable generator
40° Directional Tubehead or 360° Panoramic


lorad-c.p.-xray-units lorad-c.p-xray-units

All LORAD systems are equipped with LORAD's exclusive microprocessor-driven control unit that brings powerful digital capabilities to industrial x-ray

Automatic warm-up in five operator selectable modes
Units of exposure in seconds or mAs
Precise kV and mA indication
Alphanumeric display of operating status
Self-diagnostic circuitry
Accurate setting for exact repeatability
Displays are readable in direct sunlight
Store / Recall of 250 exposure techniques