Innovative Stainless Steel Armored Flexible Cables

Innovative Stainless Steel Armored Flexible Cables

Innovative Stainless Steel Armored Flexible Cables


  • RoHs compliant
  • Great selection
  • High quality
  • Value pricing
  • Additional protection
  • Stays flexible over a wide temperature range
  • Individually tested and bagged
  • 90 Day Warranty
armored cables

BNC-BNC BNC-Microdot BNC-Lemo1
keiyu-bnc-bnc-ss keiyu-bnc-microdot-ss keiyu-bnc-lemo1-ss
BNC-Lemo00 Lemo00-Lemo00 Lemo00-Microdot
keiyu-bnc-lemo00-ss keiyu-lemo00-lemo00-ss keiyu-lemo00-microdot-ss
Lemo1-Lemo1 Lemo1-Lemo00 Lemo1-Microdot
keiyu-lemo1-lemo1-ss keiyu-lemo1-lemo00-ss keiyu-lemo1-microdot-ss

Standard Length = 6 feet

*Different lengths and connector configurations available upon request.

Note: A discount of 10% will be applied to all orders for 10 or of the same cables

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
BNC-BNC; Stainless Steel Cable (6 ft) UT-CN-BB-6SS Request Pricing
BNC-Microdot; Stainless Steel Cable (6 ft) UT-CN-BM-6SS Request Pricing
BNC-Lemo1; Stainless Steel (6 ft) UT-CN-BL1-6SS Request Pricing
BNC-Lemo00; Stainless Steel Cable (6 ft) UT-CN-BL0-6SS Request Pricing
Lemo00-Lemo00; Stainless Steel Cable (6 ft) UT-CN-L0L0-6SS Request Pricing
Lemo00-Microdot; Stainless Steel Cable (6 ft) UT-CN-L0M-6SS Request Pricing
Lemo1-Lemo1; Stainless Steel Cable (6 ft) UT-CN-L1L1-6SS Request Pricing
Lemo1-Lemo00; Stainless Steel Cable (6 ft) UT-CN-L1L0-6SS Request Pricing
Lemo1-Microdot; Stainless Steel Cable (6 ft) UT-CN-L1M-6SS Request Pricing