Adjustable Diameter Probes

Adjustable Diameter Probes

For Most Brands of Scanners

Adjustable Diameter Probes

Adjustable diameter scanner hole probes have all the features of their split end counterparts with the added feature of being adjustable to meet a range of hole diameters. In a typical application, the diameter can be manually adjusted to reduce noise, lift-off or to compensate for a rougher hole. The X type of adjustment is via a thumbscrew at the tip of the probe and the Y type is an exterior sleeve that closes down the spread at the probe tip.

Y Type


For Hocking® Mini Rotor

For Nortec® Rechii Rotor

For Rohmann® Mini Rotor

For Rohmann® Elotest Std Rotor

For Physical Acoustics® PD-214 Rotor

For Nortec® PS5 Rotor

For Zetec® Rotor - Absolute

For Zetec® Rotor - Differential

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