Lorad LPX1620 Tubehead Stand

Lorad LPX1620 Tubehead Stand


SPX units are rugged, easy to transport and the optional LPX1620 Tubehead Stand allows for quick set up and provides rigid support for optimal image quality. The tubehead stand incorporates telescoping legs, a hand wheel-driven variable height adjustment and lockable hand wheel controlling the tubehead tilt and horizontal rotation. The tubehead cradle is cushioned for secure mounting and vibration damping. A bubble-type indicator is included for quick and easy leveling of the tubehead.


  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction
  • Quick Set Up
  • Allows 3-Axis Positioning of Tubehead
  • Provides Rigid Support for Optimal Image Quality


Purchasing Guide

The LPX1620 Tubehead Stand is compatible with all SPX160, SPX200 and SPX300 tubehead assemblies.

Model Number Description
3-000-0754 Tubehead stand for SPX160 and SPX200
3-000-0756 Tubehead stand for SPX300

Technical Specifications

LPX1620 Specifications

Horizontal Rotation 360°
Tilt -45° to +90°

Footprint of legs: 43˝ (109cm) min., 70.5˝ (179cm) max

Floor to center line of tubehead ring: 45.5˝ (115cm) min., 83.5˝ (212cm) max

Weight 35lbs. (16kg)
Set-Up Steps

  1. Extend tripod legs outward
  2. Loosen height lock knob and raise gearhead mount approx. 3 inches
  3. Place gearhead on tripod shaft. Align set screw hole in shaft with hole in gearhead mount. Using supplied hex key, tighten set screw to engage gear head mount.
  4. Mount tubehead in cradle. Open knurled latch and outer ring to remove cradle assembly. Release the two hook latches on the cradle to open it. Fit cradle over tubehead making sure any cooling manifolds are positioned between cushioning pads. Latch the hook latches securely.
  5. Mount cradle in the gear head outer ring. Close and latch the knurled knob locking mechanism.
  6. Use the height, tilt, and rotation controls to position the X-Ray tubehead as needed. Lock all adjustments before making X-Ray exposures.

Product Literature

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Lorad LPX1620 Tubehead Stand for SPX160 and SPX200 Portable X-Ray System Tubeheads RT-LD-3-000-0754 Request Pricing
Lorad LPX1620 Tubehead Stand for SPX300 Portable X-Ray System Tubehead RT-LD-3-000-0756 Request Pricing