MagWerks Single Vector Wet Horizontal Testers

MagWerks Single Vector Wet Horizontal Testers


MAGWERKS Single Vector testers are popular in general manufacturing, automotive and aerospace sectors. They are full featured machines with a multitude of optional features that can be added to increase capabilities as required. Most models include AC Decaying Demag. Reversing DC Demag is available as an option. Single phase input machines offer the most features for the lowest price. Three phase machines are often called for by older codes and are recommended for high duty cycle applications where the machine operates at high amperage and high production rates.

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Standard Machines

  • 54" or 100" Head Opening, 12" Coil

Single Phase Input:

  • PSAH: 4,000 AMP AC, 5,000 AMP HWDC, AC Demag

  • PHAF: 4,000 AMP AC, 5,000 AMP HWDC, 6,000 FWDC, AC

Three Phase Input:

  • PSF: 6,000 or 10,000 AMP FWDC



  • Demag: AC Decaying and/or Reversing DC Demag

  • Extenders: 24" or 72"

  • Grates: Wood or Poly Grates

  • Coils: 12" Standard, up to 30" in 2" increments

  • Hood: Standard or pneumatically operated

  • Other: Mil Spec, Extra Heavy Duty, Extra Wide Heavy Duty

single vector machine

 3 phase vector machine

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