NDR Products Model 65-C2

NDR Products Model 65-C2

Deluxe Dual X-Ray Illuminator

*NOTE: This product has been replaced by the LCNDT FV-2014-IRIS

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Model 65-C2 Deluxe Dual X-Ray Viewer


Combines a full 14"x17" viewing area and a 4 inch diameter "brite spot."

Illumination of the viewing area is changed by depressing a footswitch which is included with the basic unit.

Each viewing area is controlled independently with an electronic dimming control.

The 14"x17" section will illuminate to a 3.0 density and the brite spot will illuminate to 4.0 density film.

The 14"x17" section uses two BAH 300 watt bulbs and is cooled by fan.

The "brite spot" area uses either an 500 watt DXb or 300 watt halogen bulb. This section is cooled by a blower and a reflecting glass.

All steel construction protected by attractive textured blue finish and trimmed with polished chrome strips.

A hinged top lid makes it easy to change bulbs.

Optional items to add versatility include:

  • A variable round iris diaphragm
  • a slotted iris diaphragm
  • detachable magnifier



Dimensions: 14" x 25" x 16"
Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

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