Kowotest Duplex Penetrameter / IQI

Kowotest Duplex Penetrameter / IQI

ISO 19232-5, EN 462 & ASTM E-2002 Duplex IQI Duplex Wire Type IQI - Total Image Unsharpness Gauge


The Duplex IQI is used in many X-ray applications. It is especially made for digital X-ray applications in order to evaluate image unsharpness (film and digital images) and basic spatial resolution in digital images according to EN 13068 (Radioscopy), EN 14784 and ISO 13671 (CR - Computed Radiography with imaging plates), ISO 17636-2 (digital radiography of welds - flat panel detectors) or ASTM E 2597 (characterization of digital detector arrays). A new ISO is in the works, describing the possibility of using the Duplex IQI for the determination of focal spot sizes on X-ray tubes.



  • The wires of platinum and tungsten are exactly spaced to correspond to the diameter of each pair. The degree of unsharpness is indicated by the number of wire pairs that can be seen. As unsharpness increases, the wires merge to form a single image.
  • The wires are cast in a transparent, resistant and dimensional stable plastic material.
  • Each IQI is cast with a standard designation and a unique serial number, which is shown on each image.

Model Specifications

Duplex IQI - D13 (11 00155)

Standard Resolution Version

  • The D13 consists of 13 wire pairs from 1D with a wire Ø of 0.80mm to 13D with a wire Ø of 0.50mm.
  • Wires 1D - 3D are made of tungsten and wires 4D to 13D are made of platinum.
  • Dimensions: 70 x 15 x 4 mm

D13 Sample Certification

Duplex IQI - D15 (11 00160)

High Resolution Version

The D15 has same wire pairs as the D13 + additional wires with diameters of:

  • D14 - 0.040mm (12,500 lp/mm)
  • D15 - 0.032mm (15,625 lp/mm)

Dimensions of the D15 are 78.5 x 15 x 4 mm compared to 70 x 15 x 4 mm (standard duplex) and distance between D13 and D14 is higher to avoid mix-ups.

D15 Sample Certification

Duplex IQI - D17 (11 00165)

Ultra High Resolution Version

14 wire pairs 4D ... 17D in platinum (Pt) with Corresponding Basic Spatial Resolution (SRb value) down to 0.020 mm.

D17 Sample Certification


Scope of Supply

  • Duplex Wire Type IQI
  • Wooden Case with Short Instructions
  • Declaration of Conformity acc. to EN 45014
  • Individual Test Certificates acc. to ASTM E 2002, ISO 19232-5 and EN 462-5, with all relevant measurements
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Kowotest Duplex IQI, D-13 (11 00155) RT-KT-DUPLEX-D13 $1,450.00
Kowotest Duplex IQI, D-15 (11 00160) RT-KT-DUPLEX-D15 $2,025.00
Kowotest Duplex Wire Type IQI, ISO 19232-5, ASTM E2002, 17D UHiRes (11 00165) RT-KT-DUPLEX-D17 $2,600.00
Wire Identifier Bracket for Duplex IQI - D13 RT-KT-11-00156 $38.00
Wire Identifier Bracket for Duplex IQI - D15 RT-KT-11-00161 $40.00
Wire Identifier Bracket for Duplex IQI - D17 RT-KT-11-00166 $38.00