Ray-Check NAVSHIPS Slotted Shims

Ray-Check NAVSHIPS Slotted Shims


Some codes require that shims be placed under the I.Q.I. to compensate for the thickness of a backing ring or weld reinforcement. Shims are supplied in the same materials as I.Q.I.’s. They are usually available in increments of 1/16", from 1/16" thick thru 1.0". The general dimension (3/4" x 2") allows approximately 1/8" clearance on each side of the I.Q.I. they are to be used with. Material and thickness is marked on each shim.

Technical Specifications

Comparator Shims can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of Penetrameter shims, as required by Par.8.4. Other configurations and dimensions may be used, provided notches are "V" shaped and 45 degrees. Included angles and depth tolerances are +/- 0.001".

Notch locations +/- 1/64". Dimensions exceed Penetrameter size by at least 1/8" on three sides.


7/8" x 1 7/8" x 3/50" with 0.02" notch, 0.015" notch and 0.01" notch.


  • Top and bottom surfaces of shims to be parallel within +/- .001"
  • The bottom surface of the slots must be parallel to the bottom surface of the shim within +/- .001"
  • All fractional dimensions to be within +/- 1/64"

Note: Serialized radiographic products are not returnable

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Navship Slotted Shims - Steel RT-RC-SS-NAVSHIP-ST $129.00
Navship Slotted Shim - Aluminum RT-RC-SS-NAVSHIP-AL $129.00
Navship Slotted Shim - Stainless Steel RT-RC-SS-NAVSHIP-SS $166.00
Navship Slotted Shim - Inconel RT-RC-SS-NAVSHIP-IN $166.00
Navship Slotted Shim - Copper-Nickel RT-RC-SS-NAVSHIP-CU-NI $166.00
Navships slotted Shims - Titanium RT-RC-SS-NAVSHIP-TI $179.00